Tofurky asks court to halt enforcement of meat-labeling law

A plant-based food producer has actually asked a federal court to briefly stop Arkansas from enforcing a law that bans labeling vegetarian and vegan products as meat and marketing them as such while lawsuits is underway.

Hood River, Oregon-based Tofurky Co. informed courts Wednesday that complying with the law would have a “extreme detrimental impact” due to the fact that of the expense to alter marketing and packaging.

It’s unclear if the law has actually been enforced considering that working 3 weeks earlier. The law’s authors say it’s developed to protect consumers.

Tofurky declares the lawsuit limits commercial speech protected by the First Modification.

A spokesperson says Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is evaluating the motion to determine next steps.

The American Civil Liberties Union initially submitted a lawsuit on Tofurky’s behalf challenging the law in July. Similar claims have actually been submitted in Missouri and Mississippi.

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Post Author: Izabella Jaworska

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