To combat election meddling, Google’s cyber unit Jigsaw extends its anti-DDoS securities to European politicos

Jigsaw, the cybersecurity-focused division owned by Google parent Alphabet, is now allowing political organizations in Europe to sign up for its anti-web-flooding innovation for complimentary.

Previously, the free-to-use technology created to protect political campaigns and sites versus dispersed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks– dubbed Task Shield— was just available to news sites and journalists, human rights websites and elections monitoring sites in the U.S.

Now, Jigsaw is extending those protections to European political operators ahead of controversial parliamentary elections later on this year.

The anti-DDoS innovation aims to secure sites and services from being pounded with lots of junk internet traffic from multiple sources at the same time. It protects versus numerous kinds of DDoS attacks– and not simply the standard layer 3 or 4 protocol-based attacks but also the more effective layer 7 attacks that include large volume, typically thanks to DNS amplification.

By caching a site, the technology absorbs a lot of the harmful traffic, and filtering damaging traffic keeps sites running.

Jigsaw’s move comes at a time when extremely anticipated elections are expected to change political powers across the continent– especially in what’s left of the European Union, after the questionable British departure from the EU, known as “Brexit.” Anti-political actors and nation-state hackers have long striven in Europe to interfere with elections and sow discord in an effort to challenge outcomes.

Some have straight-out introduced flooding attacks to down sites at a time when they’re most needed.

In the last year alone, numerous flooding attacks left vital websites downed for hours and longer. Election sites from Tennessee to the Czech Republic were downed in an effort to disrupt the ballot process.

Job Guard stated it’s using the service totally free to all European political companies and campaigns, said Jigsaw’s Dan Keyserling in an email to TechCrunch. That remains in contrast to existing companies, like Cloudflare, that offer DDoS security

” The spread of DDoS attacks is a worldwide concern,” stated Keyserling. “Just scanning the news showed us it is a growing issue.”

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