Things you can do to feel more pleasure

Increase your feelings when you make love with these simple tips.

Some women do not experience everything they could when they have sex because they do not dare to communicate their needs to their partners or they are inhibited when trying new things. But shyness in sex only leads to enjoyment less or even not to do so. Learn to let yourself go and feel more pleasure with little things you can do that will help you enjoy your intimate relationships completely.

Preliminaries before sex

Stimulation before sex is essential for your body and mind to enter a favorable state to feel pleasure. Direct penetration usually does not work for most women, since previous excitement is essential to have good lubrication.

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It is proven that the preliminary games increase the pleasure, so do not hesitate to start the sexual game with caresses, kisses in erogenous zones and masturbation. And if your boy does not know how to start, teach him how to do it.

Stimulation during penetration

One way to increase pleasure in the sexual act is to stimulate the clitoris during penetration. Keep in mind that for most women it is easier to have a clitoral orgasm than a vaginal one.

For this, you can do some sexual postures to stimulate the clitoris, use sex toys for couples or masturbate yourself. Do not be ashamed to touch yourself while your boy penetrates you, it will actually excite him a lot. Of course, you can also ask your boy to masturbate when you make a position that allows it.

Learn to masturbate

The time you spend self-pleasing will be beneficial in your sexual relationships and will help you to experience much more pleasure in them. Keep in mind that intimate masturbation will help you get to know you much more, to know what you like and what you do not and it will provide you with security in the topics related to your sexuality. There are different ways to masturbate very pleasantly and innovative that you can try in your privacy and then teach your partner how you like to masturbate or do it yourself in your sexual relationship.

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Communicate with your partner

You can say what you like and what you want while you make love. Nothing happens. In fact, one of the main keys to feeling pleasure during the sexual act is the couple communication. If you do not like to talk during sex, you can communicate with your partner in other ways, for example, bring your boy’s hand to the erogenous zone that you like, caress your clitoris so that he can see how you like to do it … Communication does not verbal in sex is also very important.

Also, it’s good that you’re open to talking about sex with your partner outside of sex. You can take advantage of other moments to explain what your preferences are or what you are not comfortable with about how the sexual relationship develops. For example, the way he caresses you, more time in preliminary games, try some type of vaginal lubricant, etc.

You know, relax, let yourself go and enjoy greater pleasure in sex by carrying out these simple tips. Luck!

Post Author: Izabella Jaworska