The most intimate scene between Missandei and Gray Worm

EP / MadridThe second episode of the current season of ‘Game of Thrones’ followed the line that most likes to the HBO series, plagando of sex and blood the ways of West. But it also had room for what has become the most romantic scene of the entire series, the expected culmination of love between Missandei and Gusano Gris.

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For Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who plays Daenerys’ partner, “the scene showed much more than two people making love, according to the interview she gave to Vulture.” Missandei is just a girl in front of a eunuch soldier expressing her love “Says the interpreter.

The scene is a great personal development for two people who have been slaves, who, as Emmanuel points out, “could never have the freedom to have intimacy with another person.” “Both Gray Worm and her are part of a conqueror’s court-martial. With that kind of pressure it was important that they could put everything aside for a moment,” he adds.

He also commented that the environment in which they are located is a key factor: “with Daenerys, they are able to explore their more human side, a feature that, given their background, lacked.” “In that environment, Missandei has been able to deepen on who she is as a person and as a human being, the love and the pain she is experiencing for the first time and that are part of this maturity,” says the British actress.

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For Emmanuel, Danaerys is the one who has encouraged them to embrace their freedom completely “both thought and emotion.” On the scene of Gray Worm and his reaction, the actress believes that this is a matter of trust. “I want to see you and I want you to see me, in my most vulnerable moment. I’m afraid, but I’m here,” he says.

Everyone knows that intimacy can be terrifying when someone cares, but for the character of Jacob Anderson is even more so given his status as a eunuch. Both are broken inside and have to be completely vulnerable, terrified and passionate with each other.

Post Author: Izabella Jaworska