‘The Masked Dancer’ Reveals Identity of the Ice Cube: Here’s the Star Under the Mask

Bill Nye the Science Person has actually been a leisure dancer for years, a pastime he required to “Dancing with destiny” in2013 On Wednesday, he was back hoofin’ it on TELEVISION– this time, on Fox’s “ The Masked Dancer,” where he was exposed as the star under the Ice Cube costume.

Nye informed Range.

As Ice Cube, Nye carried out a swing dance to a cover of Woman Gaga’s “Bad Love” by Postmodern Jukebox. The idea package focused on environment change and the environment, causes that Nye is deeply involved in.

” The thing that was a little difficult, you couldn’t see your partner’s hand,” he said. The mask, the Ice Cube had some shadows.

Amongst panelists, Ken Jeong got it right with Nye, Brian Austin Green thought it was Costs Maher, Paula Abdul guessed Tim Gunn, and Ashley Tisdale believed it might be Al Gore.

” I have actually blogged about how you can inform who someone is by the method she or he strolls,” he said. “So there were a few of that, I think if anyone in the swing dance community saw me and they would go, ‘it’s Expense Nye.'”

As for keeping the secret of his look on the program, Nye stated it runs in the household: “My mama was one of the code women. My nephew tried to interview her and she simply would not expose much.

Asked to compare his experience on “The Masked Dancer” to “Dancing with the Stars,” Nye stated there were some similarities and differences. “The difference is you do not have as much control over it,” he stated. “On ‘Dancing with the Stars’ you’re attempting to win. At least I was attempting to do well. On this thing, you put on this crazy outfit and simply go through it and see what happens. The important things that was really comparable was dealing with expert remarkable dancers. They are teachers, they’re simply exceptional mentor. And they’re artists, and that’s what really the 2 programs have a lot in common with. That was the coolest part, working with all those dancers.”

” The Masked Dancer” includes the feature “Word Up,” in which each contestant says a one-word hint to their identity. Nye’s “Word Up” was “90 s Icon.”

This season’s costumes consist of Zebra, Tulip, Sloth, Exotic Bird, Cotton Candy, Cricket, Disco Ball, Moth, Ice and Hammerhead. Formerly unmasked was Ice-T as the Disco Ball.

The program promotes a cast of 10 stars that have “accumulated more than 38 million albums sold worldwide, 20 Emmy Award wins, 20 Grammy Award nominations, 10 World Dancing titles, five New York Times Best-Selling Author titles, four Olympic gold medals and three Broadway show appearances.”

Here were the other contestants and their efficiencies on episode 2, “Group B Premiere– New Year, New Mask! (Who Dis?)”:

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Sloth, “The Masked Dancer”
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Dance: “What I Like About You,” by the Romantics
Word Up: “Broadway”
Voice-over: “You believe I’m slow like other sloths? And stated that I was just a Mickey Mouse operation.
Panel guesses: Matthew Morrison, Kevin Federline, Jason Derulo

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Zebra, “The Masked Dancer”
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Dance: “Magalehna,” by Sergio Mendes
Word Up: “Resurgence”
Voice-over: “You haven’t seen me in a while. New kids moving on to my block just indicated more street battles.
Panel guesses: Ricky Martin, Kevin Richardson, Pitbull

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Fairy Floss, “The Masked Dancer”
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Fairy Floss

Dance: “Glitter in the Air,” by Pink
Word Up: “Primetime”
Commentary: “I’m certainly a perfectionist. If I have actually discovered anything in my life, when things get tough, I can’t just quit. [A fall from above the stage.]
Panel guesses: Jenna Dewan, Pink, Julianne Hough

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Moth, “The Masked Dancer”
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Dance: “Boot Scootin Boogie,” by Brooks & Dunn
Word Up: “Motivated”
Voice-over: “You understand, moths don’t seek out the spotlight. It draws us in, whether we desire it or not. That’s the story of my life. One day, I was just a routine moth out of the view of the general public. The next, I’m making headlines with the president. I had a terrible experience that not many might have gone through. And in turn, my life changed permanently. However I’m a survivor. So I chose if I couldn’t get away the spotlight, I ‘d use it to shine a light on things I care about the most. I took control of my popularity. And now, I grow in the spotlight.”
Panel guesses: Megyn Kelly, Monica Lewinsky, Marla Maples

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