The intelligent robots of SEAT Martorell transport 23,800 pieces a day

The Spanish SEAT uses 125 intelligent robots in its plant in Martorell (Barcelona), which coexist daily with the 7,000 workers of the factory, and which facilitate and optimize the work of the operators while reducing production time by 25%.

These 125 vehicles automatically guided (AGV) transport 23,800 pieces per day and make a total of 2,800 trips to the day, which travel more than 1,600 kilometers (436,000 kilometers per year), the manufacturer explained today in a note.

The free navigation vehicles work through a barcode that certifies the piece they have to load and ask for passage through a sensor that allows opening the doors of the warehouse.

Robots SEAT Martorell

This type of autonomous robots are responsible for the transport of engines, gearboxes, shock absorbers or mirrors and can carry up to 1,500 kilos of weight.

In addition, in their journey, they are able to stop at a red light or break when a worker crosses his path thanks to his 360-degree perimeter vision.

To coordinate with the operators and guarantee their safety, they are notified of their presence with laser scanner lights.

Circulation using magnetic pathways
They circulate thanks to magnetic tracks, hidden under the ground, which marks the 40 cyclic routes, which last between 1 and 7 minutes.

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During this time, the robots circulate automatically reducing the speed in the curves to not lose stability with the load and are able to keep the safety distance.

The operator can set up, and if necessary, modify remotely the route of all AGV from the control room.

A central server gathers the information of the software that is inside each robot, which allows to evaluate the possible faults and solve them instantaneously.

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