The importance of the role of the couple in breastfeeding

From the moment of knowing that she is pregnant, the woman undergoes physical and emotional changes, which make her little by little aware of the baby that will arrive and the changes that this will imply in her and her partner.

However, parents/couples live the whole pregnancy process watching their woman change, but from a more external perspective: seeing how the woman changes physically, her belly grows, she is more sensitive …

That is why it is very important to involve couples from the beginning of pregnancy and prepare them emotionally for the change that is coming in their lives.

After childbirth, the father/partner moves to a third plane, because it is the baby who monopolizes all the attention and secondly the mother. The first few days you may feel misplaced, and not sure what to do or how to manage the new family. But that it is not the one that receives more pretty words or carantoƱas does not mean that it is not important. The couple is the main support of the woman in the puerperium and lactation.

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Breastfeeding can only be done by the mother, and temporarily, for a few months, maybe a few years. Sometimes, and wrongly, we think that the couple can help by giving a bottle to the baby so that his wife can sleep and rest. Breastfeeding has benefits, not only in the short term but for the entire life of the baby. Providing a bottle when a lactation works is an interference and a disservice to the mother and the baby.

A very high percentage of success in breastfeeding is good support, positive reinforcement, and encouragement. For that it is essential that the couple is involved, know what breastfeeding is and what it is. Only then can he advise his wife, provide support, be a support.

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Training in lactation means attending the classes of preparation for childbirth already in pregnancy, going to visits with the midwife or gynecologist, and after childbirth, also involved in breastfeeding workshops, parenting groups, etc … Parenting is a thing or two.

Breastfeeding is always from the mother, and it is the only thing that she can do. The couple can comfort, caress, bathe, walk … and as the baby grows the parent-child relationship and attachment will develop.

You will wonder what things the father can do while the mother breastfeeds her baby. Well, here is a list of concrete things to start with:

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  • Support the woman always in breastfeeding. With positive messages and encouragement, being with her in the shots, and providing security will flow more oxytocin and contribute to the mother has pleasurable and happy takes.
  • Act as a filter/barrier for visits, calls, etc. Especially the first days, until the lactation is established, and the mother recuperated after the birth. Sometimes inopportune visits stay at home for hours, and instead of helping, they slow down the rhythm of the mother and baby.
  • It is important the emotional support of your partner at times when the woman can feel observed or judged by breastfeeding in public, it is something natural, and the comments can affect her mood. Breastfeeding is feeding your child, and no one should judge him.
  • Update the house with household chores: make the purchase, put washing machines, maintain order …
  • If there are brothers, spend time, take them out for a walk, play with them, help them integrate into the new family.
  • Take care baby bath, diaper changes, and clothes, cradle him, dormice, portable, etc.
  • Take care of the details and facilitate couple moments, love, talks and kisses. The mother will need to feel understood, loved and listened to.

As you can see, the couple has a great responsibility, not only for breastfeeding but also in raising children and maintaining the home. Walking together, the couple leaves reinforced and more united.

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