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The cast of Buddies loaded some serious star power. Some even larger names made guest looks on the show (looking at you, George Clooney). Throughout the program’s 10 seasons, everybody from A-listers to up-and-coming actors visited Central Perk. There are the celebrities you completely forgot made a cameo on the series

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George Clooney and Noah Wyle (Season 1).

In between shifts on ER, George Clooney and Noah Wyle appeared on Buddies for 2 episodes. They worked as dates for Rachel Green and Monica Geller, naturally.

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Jon Lovitz (Season 1 and 9).

The comedian guest-starred twice throughout the series– initially as a stoned dinner visitor in season 1 and later on as a terrible blind date for Rachel in season 9.

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Helen Hunt (Season 1).

The sitcom world clashed when Mad About You star Helen Hunt looked like Jamie Buchman in a scene at Central Perk. What most fans don’t understand, though, is that Lisa Kudrow utilized to have a repeating guest function on Helen’s program as the ditzy waitress, Ursula (who was then written into a number of storylines on Buddies as Phoebe Buffay’s identical twin sibling).

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Julia Roberts (Season 2).

Julia Roberts was one of Hollywood’s most significant rising stars when she guest-starred as Susie Moss, a youth buddy of Chandler Bing who chooses to ask him out in order to get even with him for embarrassing her when they were more youthful.

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Steve Zahn (Season 2).

Following his debut film, Reality Bites, Steve Zahn appeared on season 2 as Phoebe’s Canadian other half, whom she wed so he could get his green card. “I still have individuals, and this was 4 days operate in my life, around the world that come up and go ‘Ah, Buddies,'” Steve stated on Home entertainment Weekly’s Couchsurfing

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Brooke Shields (Season 2).

The starlet and model appeared on the episode “The One After the Superbowl” as a superfan stalker of the program Days of our Lives, who has a tough time deciphering Joey Tribbiani from his character, Dr. Drake Ramoray.

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Adam Goldberg (Season 2).

Adam Goldberg was simply starting his profession when he landed the returning guest role of Eddie Menuek, Chandler’s replacement roomie after Joey vacates. Goldberg went on to appear in movies like Conserving Personal Ryan and A Stunning Mind, as well as appear on TELEVISION shows like Entourage and Matt LeBlanc’s Buddies spinoff Joey

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Jean-Claude Van Damme (Season 2).

Appearing as himself in season 2, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s part involves him being acknowledged by Monica while recording a motion picture close by, leading to the two going on a date, as you may anticipate.

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Charlie Shine (Season 2).

When Phoebe contracts the chicken pox right when her old flame, Ryan, will dock from the Navy, an adorably charming episode of Buddies with Charlie Sheen takes place.

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Christine Taylor (Season 3).

Throughout the legend which was Ross and Rachel, Christine Taylor made an interference as Ross’s girlfriend, Bonnie.

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Ben Stiller (Season 3).

Coincidentally, Ben Stiller appeared on the show throughout the same season as his future wife, Christine Taylor. The actor and comic appeared as Tommy, Rachel’s date who has anger management problems.

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Isabella Rossellini (Season 3).

The Italian actress and filmmaker, Isabella Rossellini, went to Central Advantage as herself right after Ross decides she is “too international” to stay on his celebrity hall pass list. The hilarious cameo begins with him asking Isabella out, just to end with her finding out he bumped her off of his list for Winona Ryder.

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Billy Crystal and Robin Williams (Season 3).

It was by opportunity that Billy Crystal and Robin Williams occurred to be on the exact same lot as Pals when the cast was shooting “The One with the Ultimate Combating Champ” in season 3. The comics decided to stop by for a cup of coffee, during which an improvised conversation unfolds, leaving both the cast and audience in stitches.

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Jon Favreau (Season 3).

Jon Favreau appeared throughout season 3 as a persisting guest star and Monica’s love interest, Pete. The actor went on to produce and star in movies such as Chef, Iron Man, and The Avengers

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Paget Brewster (Season 4).

When Paget Brewster joined Buddies for a multi-episode story arch as Joey (and Chandler’s) girlfrienxd Kathy, she was fairly brand-new in Hollywood. Since then, the starlet has actually had stints on TELEVISION programs like Criminal Minds, Community, Order: Unique Victims System, and Modern Household

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Charlton Heston (Season 4).

Charlton Heston got to flex his signature goon act when he appeared as himself in season 4 of the series together with Matt LeBlanc.

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Tate Donovan (Season 4).

Tate Donovan dated Jennifer Aniston in real life throughout the very first couple of seasons of the hit show, but when the actor appeared in season 4 as a reoccurring guest star (and Rachel Green’s crush) the couple had currently aborted their engagement and parted ways. “It was awful … I remember simply getting back to my dressing room and simply weeping,” Tate told HuffPost Live

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Michael Vartan (Season 4).

Before his breakout role in Never Been Kissed, Michael Vartan guest-starred on the show as Dr. Tim Burke, the child of Monica’s ex-boyfriend, who she starts to date.

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Sarah Ferguson (Season 4).

The program was a royal hit when the entire cast traveled to London for Ross and Emily’s notorious nuptials– so much so that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, made a cameo in a scene with Matt LeBlanc.

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Hugh Laurie (Season 4).

When Rachel decides to fly across the pond for Ross’ wedding, she shares the row with British actor, Hugh Laurie, who is less than delighted to be seated next to her.

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Reese Witherspoon (Season 6).

Rachel’s ruined little sister, Jill (played by Reese Witherspoon) gos to her in season 6. The young actress, whose profession was hot off of Harsh Objectives and American Psycho, stood for two episodes, during which she went on a date with Ross.

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Cole Sprouse (Seasons 6, 7, and 8).

Sprouse played the function from season 6 to 8, throughout which he established a huge crush on costar Jennifer Aniston.

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Elle Macpherson (Season 6).

Among Joey’s more serious relationships involves him falling head over heels for his dancer roomie, Janine, who was played by Australian model Elle Macpherson.

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Bruce Willis (Season 6).

Bruce Willis signed up with the program for a few episodes as Rachel’s partner Paul– who also takes place to be the daddy of Ross’ 20- year-old girlfriend.

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Susan Sarandon (Season 7).

Susan Sarandon dished out a remarkable performance as soap star Jessica Lockhart in season 7 of the program together with Joey.

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Winona Ryder (Season 7).

Winona Ryder was one of the biggest actresses in the late ’90 s and early ’00 s and appeared on the show for an episode as Rachel’s sorority sister.

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Jason Alexander (Season 7).

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander appears in season 7 in a scene with Lisa Kudrow as Earl, a self-destructive office manager that Phoebe Buffay crosses courses with and attempts to assist.

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Kristin Davis (Season 7).

Sex and the City was in its peak popularity when Kristin Davis guest-starred on the comedy as Joey’s love interest, but that didn’t stop the actress from coming down with a case of nerves

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Brad Pitt (Season 8).

Jennifer Aniston acted along with her then-husband for the very first time when he appeared on the Thanksgiving episode of Buddies in season 8. The star played a previous obese classmate of Monica, Ross, and Rachel– and the founder of the “I Hate Rachel Club.”

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Alec Baldwin (Season 8).

Alec Baldwin appeared in two episodes of the series as Parker, Pheobe’s excessively passionate partner whose fascination with Massapequa aggravates everybody.

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