Tests and sporting events stimulate the activity of the tourism sector

The In order designs a strategy that is based on positioning the province and attracting potential visitors during the year

The sporting events move to the year a business coded in about one billion euros. At least that is the amount that facilitates José Manuel Rodríguez, manager of the In order, entity that is responsible for the tourist promotion of the province. The entity, along with private operators, has made a firm commitment to participate in the distribution of this economic pie. The Clear Accounts of Telemiño program details the characteristics of this sports tourism plan that will be launched throughout the year.

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Some initiatives are already underway and have yielded good results. One of them is the stay of international rowing teams that stay in the spas of Arnoia and Laias. According to data provided by the manager of the Inode, the presence of 1,200 oarsmen has been confirmed this year “and 19,000 stays are guaranteed”. These activities help to deseasonalize the tourist activity, separating it from the summer months and developing events “from November to April,” as Rodríguez points out.

One of the tests that are already on the calendar is the Strade Terminal, a cycling event that will be held in April and that already has around 400 registered, many of them from several European countries.

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Lobios has, on the other hand, “the only stable circuit in Spain of the Gladiator Race”, a test pigeonholed in what is called challenging sports. This event will be held there this year, possibly in September. The Tour of Spain will return in August to the Ribeira Sacra, with which more than 2,500 people are expected to coincide with the stage. The Inode expects Manzaneda artificial snowing cannons also guarantee more influx to the only winter sports station in Galicia.

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