Super Bowl 2018: Justin Timberlake and his controversial performance

As it happened 14 years ago, the artist returns to be the protagonist of a Super Bowl, this time to remember in a hologram the late Prince. Something that has not sat very well.

The 2018 Super Bowl final has captured all the covers, but for something will be remembered, even more than for the victory of the Eagles , it is for the spectacular, but also controversial, performance of Justin Timberlake in the time of rest. On the stage a huge hologram of Prince, an artist who died last year, was displayed. A show of 10 but that has not sit well with the family of the Minneapolis genius . We tell you the reason.

The final of the 2018 Super Bowl paralyzes everything. Yesterday was disputed and, as usual, focused the attention of everyone. But this event is more than just a football game, it’s a spectacle, and the ads are the most followed. If last year was Lady Gaga the great protagonist , this time everyone talks about Justin Timberlake.

The American jumped into the field with force one of his best known songs, ‘Rock Your Body’ , to later sing ‘Sexyback’ and ‘Cry Me A River’. However, the best of his performance was to come. Timberlake already warned that he had a surprise prepared for Minneapolis and finally paid homage to the late singer Prince acting with him with a hologram, this being one of the most commented moments of the Super Bowl in the networks, where he is an expert in fussing, as It happened when he insulted Britney Spears .

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However, the action is very controversial, as Prince’s relatives assured Saturday that they had not been asked for permission and that they would not authorize it. But Timberlake did not even pay attention to the request of the family and deployed the hologram, sharing the stage for a few minutes with the mythical artist. The scene became a bath of purple light, the mark of the house of the legendary author of Purple Rain.

Singer Sheila E. , Prince’s partner, also assured TMZ that she once told her to never allow anyone to do a hologram, “it would not be nice if that happened!”

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