Steven Seagal, a Missing P.i., and an Alleged Crypto Scams

A private investigator scammed numerous investors in a cryptocurrency fraud, then fabricated his own disappearance to swipe millions that he blew on precious jewelry, house improvements, and a Porsche, a recently unsealed criminal grievance declares.

John DeMarr was apprehended Monday morning by the FBI in Santa Ana, California. Federal authorities state that he and two associates pocketed more than $11 million in ill-gotten gains.

According to the problem, DeMarr persuaded retail financiers to buy into “Bitcoiin,” a now-defunct cryptocurrency also referred to as “Bitcoiin2Gen” or “B2G.” The unusual case includes C-list actor and martial artist Steven Seagal, who quickly served as a celeb pitchman for B2G but is not charged with any criminal activities.

    DeMarr, 55, who billed himself as B2G’s “Director of North American Operations,” began working with the recently established business in November 2017 and was paid on commission for bringing in new consumers. 2 of his alleged co-conspirators consisted of a disbarred legal representative and a former police.

    ” When dealing with the wild west that is cryptocurrency in 2018, a good basic rule: Whatever is a rip-off unless you can show otherwise,” a CNET article warned in 2018 “Extreme marketing is a warning. But maybe the greatest warning of all? Working With Steven Seagal to be your around the world brand name ambassador. But that’s exactly what Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) has actually done.”

    At DeMarr’s instructions, prosecutors declare, a co-conspirator “produced most of the in-depth info about Bitcoiin” by plagiarizing products released by another cryptocurrency company that had an effective offering in 2013.

    Seagal, who is determined in the filing not by name but as a “celebrity representative” for B2G, “falsely declared on social media that B2G could produce an 8000%return for financiers within one year,” according to the complaint. Seagal “likewise incorrectly claimed he or she was a ‘individual’ in the ICO, a misstatement that DeMarr duplicated to other investors in news release and on webinars to cause them to buy the B2G ICO. [Seagal] never invested in the B2G ICO and just served as a paid promoter.” In truth, practically none of the financiers’ cash was invested, and virtually all of it went to the principals of B2G, consisting of DeMarr, the feds say.

    In March 2018, Seagal decided to part methods with Bitcoiin. When his departure was announced, numerous investors attempted to unwind their B2G positions however were blocked from cashing out by DeMarr.

    At this point, one of the B2G partners disappeared with $7 million in financier funds and stopped reacting to all communications, the grievance says. DeMarr presumably guaranteed financiers they might recoup some of their money through a “bulk sale” of their B2G holdings, and said he was headed to Hong Kong to close the deal. Rather, DeMarr flew to Podgorica, Montenegro, where he pretended to have disappeared rather than face his angry customers.

    ” DeMarr instructed [an unnamed co-conspirator] to launch statements asserting that DeMarr had been assaulted and went missing in Montenegro, and informing B2G investors to stop trying to contact DeMarr or his family concerning their inability to have their investment in B2G returned,” states the complaint, which describes that another B2G officer emailed investors declaring that DeMarr had actually been robbed of $25 million worth of B2G tokens.

    DeMarr subsequently went dark, stopping all contact with financiers, according to the filing.

    But DeMarr was really living easily in Orange County, California, the whole time, say district attorneys. He spent the cash on himself, district attorneys declare, and his purchases included a Porsche.

    ” Mr. DeMarr developed an elaborate cryptocurrency plan, total with high profile recommendations and incredibly big returns that proved to be a mirage costing investors millions,” FBI Assistant Director in Charge Kristi K. Johnson stated in a statement. “Mr. DeMarr is now in custody and no longer investing his victims’ cash, nor hiding from justice by fabricating his own disappearance.”

    Thomas Sjoblom, DeMarr’s lawyer, declared his client “was unjustly swept into this whole thing” by two other partners, a Serbian-Australian nationwide living in the Philippines and an individual from Montenegro.

    ” We are going to do all we can to make sure that these people from different nations outside the United States are hauled into court,” he informed The Daily Monster. “As I comprehend it, its operations were outside the United States, and we’re going to assist the government catch them.”

    He included that DeMarr will be “released forthwith,” following a Monday hearing.

    Although Seagal is not dealing with any charges connected to the supposed fraud, he concurred last year to pay the SEC more than $300,000– without confessing or rejecting misbehavior– for his role in having previously promoted B2G.

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