Skin with acne: Types of acne, causes and solutions

We explain what acne is, why it appears, what types of acne exist and most importantly: how to eliminate it.

Acne is a disease that affects the pores of our skin and can appear in many parts of our body. It is a very common process, which usually has an important influence on our self-esteem as it affects the physical image of those who suffer it. Acne is a problem that affects babies, children, adolescents, and even adults, but fortunately, there are natural and medical treatments that can reduce their appearance. But first, let’s dig a little deeper into what are the causes of acne and what types of acne are there.

Why acne appears: Causes

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The causes can be varied, from changes in diet to hormonal factors, the use of beauty products that are not beneficial to our skin or even a reaction to medicines such as cortisone and others. In these articles you can learn more about what causes acne and some myths about this disease:

  • Chocolate and grains: Surely at least some time in your life someone told you that eating chocolates makes pimples and pimples appear. Here we will explain where this myth comes from and how true it is to say that chocolate produces acne, according to the latest scientific studies on the subject.
  • 10 bad habits: There can be many factors that begin to leave pimples. Sometimes, it is simply inevitable and we need to pay attention to some hormonal problems. But in other cases, acne appears as a result of some bad habits in the shower, in our diet, or our way of taking care of ourselves inside and out.
  • False myths about pimples Acne affects millions of people and it may be for this reason that many myths have been created around the subject. Today we talk about the 7 main myths about acne and unmask what is true and what is not.

Types of acne

Acne vulgaris is the most frequent and usually appears on the face, shoulders, back, and chest. But it is not the only one, in fact, you will have noticed that acne sometimes appears on other parts of the body as the backside or sometimes in a different way, with black and white pimples. We propose these articles where you can find out all types of acne.

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  • Mild or comedogenic acne: This type of mild or moderate acne is a sebum that is mixed with keratin and appears in our most superficial layer of the skin in the form of pimples or pimples. It usually appears when we are teenagers, although it is sometimes repeated later. Take note of the best natural remedies to improve their appearance.
  • Acne in adults: 10% of people suffering from acne suffer when they are adults and in fact, there is a 2% chance of having it at age 50 or older. In many cases, for hormonal reasons, but there may be other reasons. We explain everything about acne in adults.
  • Summer acne: In summer acne is a bigger problem because, with sweating, the inflammation gets worse. Luckily, in addition to the care recommended by the doctor, there are some remedies and treatments that can help you treat acne at this time of year.
  • Acne in the back: Acne in the butt can be very annoying as it greatly undermines the intimate life of those who suffer it, even isolating or damaging your sex life. We recommend reading this post, where you will find what are the best solutions to eliminate pimples on the buttocks.
  • Acne on the chest: It is unattractive and very annoying … but fortunately, you can have it under control, taking into consideration some easy habits to follow. We tell you all the details on how to eliminate acne on the chest naturally here and you will again show off cleavage without the problem.

How to eliminate acne

  • Essential oils anti-acne: We use essential oils for everything, in beauty to care for our skin, and even to perfume our home. However, few know how many of these essential oils can be used to combat acne. We explain it to you here.
  • Homemade soap: We give you a very easy recipe for you to make your own homemade soap, without chemicals and with an excellent effect on your skin. It will help you fight acne without irritating your skin and above all, naturally.
  • Products to treat acne in adults: Yes, adults also suffer acne. The main pharmaceutical and cosmetic houses have created a series of products that can really be beneficial for acne. Take note because here you will find the complete list of them.
  • Natural remedies: Did you know that bicarbonate is very beneficial against acne? So is sulfur and many other elements found on our planet that are there, waiting for you to know how to use them for your own benefit. We tell you in this post which are eight best natural remedies against acne.
  • How to make up the skin with acne: You would not have to think about how to do it, but it is a reality: you have to learn how to make up a skin with acne. And unfortunately it is not so simple, so, we recommend you take a look at this guide where we explain step by step how to make up if you have acne or signs of acne.
  • Blue light anti-acne: Technology puts the batteries to give you the help you need against acne. One of the most famous therapies nowadays is blue antiacne light or blue led light or also known as photodynamic therapy. We assure you that it is quite effective. If you want to know more, read the post dedicated to this method.
  • Anti-acne treatment Gua sha: Within the variations that exist in naturopathy, the Gua Sha has attracted our attention, a very effective technique to combat acne. It consists of a scraping with a special instrument. Discover the details in this post.
  • Products with Retinol for acne: Retinol is an element that not only helps fight wrinkles, but also acne. It is present in many anti-acne medications and cosmetic products that you could try, for more details, we recommend this article dedicated to this topic.

What to do with acne marks

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  • Rosehip oil: Rosehip oil has been used for a long time in cosmetics because it is able to cure marks so difficult to remove when we remove some pimples or pimples. We explain all the benefits of this oil that will be your ally anti-acne.
  • Glycolic acid against acne: This acid comes from natural elements found in nature and helps us especially to eliminate acne marks that are very annoying and that, unfortunately, do not go away so easily. Glycolic acid will help a lot to erase acne marks.
  • Best anti-acne brands products: Forget the acne scars that are so unsightly. To help you, we invite you to review this list with the best products dedicated to this function. Do not miss it!

Remember that even if you have acne you are a beautiful woman and full of wisdom and beauty. Do not worry that everything happens and if you take our advice, your acne will improve with the passage of time. Tell us in our social networks which are the tricks or products that work best for you, to help other people who are going through the same thing.

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