Seagull cull propositions ‘Illegal’ and ‘unwarranted’– Bird Watch Ireland

Any cull of Dublin’s gull population would be ‘unlawful and unwarranted’, according to Birdwatch Ireland.

It follows fresh require a cull from another Dublin city councillor.

On Lunchtime Live this afternoon Fine Gael Councillor Paddy McCartan stated he was “stunned” at the variety of gulls he came across while out in Howth yesterday– noting that they are ending up being “cheekier and cheekier” in their method.

Proposed seagull cull ‘Illegal’ and ‘unwarranted’– Bird Watch Ireland

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He said he was not calling for adult birds be exterminated in a ‘blunderbuss-style’ cull– however rather for a “very little intervention” technique where eggs and nest would be gotten rid of from nesting areas.

Likewise on the show, Birdwatch Ireland spokesperson Niall Hatch stated a cull in any kind is merely, “not on the cards.”

” A cull of gulls in Ireland can’t happen since it would be prohibited both under Irish law and under the EU Birds and Habitats direction,” he stated.

” Also, it is actually baseless because what we have in fact seen is in the population of gulls – particularly the herring gull which is the species we are discussing here – their population has in fact decreased by 90%nationally throughout simply 30 years.

” So, this isn’t a types that is growing and doing well and expanding its range into Dublin City since it has made use of all over else that it perhaps can. It is a species in crisis that is desperately trying to find someplace safe to nest.”

Baby gulls emerge from their nest on the side of a building in Dublin City Centre, src8-src6-2src21. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews Baby gulls emerge from their nest on the side of a building in Dublin City Centre, 08-06-2021 Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

He kept in mind that the figures highlight how ‘anecdotal’ evidence can contradict scientific evidence– explaining that while it is true more gulls are nesting on rooftops in Dublin, that doesn’t imply there are more gulls in the location in basic.

Mr Hatch said Birdwatch Ireland is not blind to the issues caused by gulls in the city centre– however kept in mind that those problems are “signs of a much larger ecological collapse.”

” There are more gulls nesting on rooftops and the reason for that is that a number of the locations these types would have embedded around Dublin now have problems,” he said.

” Places like the islands off Skerries, Ireland’s Eye off Howth and Dalkey Island have ended up being overrun with non-native predators like rats and mink and likewise humans causing disturbance strolling through the gull nests there.

” So, what they do is they relocate to a location which provides the very same defense as an island in the sea however without the predators– and as far as they are worried that is the top of tall structures and rooftops.”

Seagulls on the Dublin Quays, src5-src6-2src21. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews Seagulls on the Dublin Quays, 05-06-2021 Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

He said there are 2 separate issues that cause friction between guls and humans in summer season– firstly, numerous chicks are hatching which triggers their moms and dads to be overprotective and secondly, individuals continue to cost gulls against all advice.

” When wildlife causes a hassle– and there are inconveniences here – the knee-jerk reaction is let’s eliminate, let’s get rid of, let’s destroy the symptom of the issue,” he said.

” But what is occurring is it is a larger ecological collapse that is causing these issues. I haven’t even discussed the problem of overfishing, the plastic pollution that is impacting these birds that is causing them to starve and move into other areas.

” Of course, gulls are big and visible so we see this happening to them but it is happening to other types as well that are perishing without us discovering it.

” Likewise, when you leave refuse and things on the street, if the gulls don’t consume it, you will get other animals like foxes and rats that will consume it– and in fact they do so, they simply tend to do it at night when we don’t see it.

Baby Seagulls emerge from their nest on the side of a building in Dublin City Centre Child Seagulls emerge from their nest on the side of a structure in Dublin City Centre, 08-06-2021 Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

” So, it is a much larger issue than the gulls. For the gulls, it is essential they are not scapegoated, and we do not see them as being the issue themselves.

” They are the sign of a much broader issue that we people are ultimately accountable for and we human beings have to fix.”

You can listen back here:

Proposed seagull cull ‘Illegal’ and ‘unwarranted’– Bird Watch Ireland

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