Paul Georges as NBA 2k17 – The craziest year in the NBA begins

NBA 2K17 has been let for the first time in the presentation in society that has taken place these days in Madrid, sponsored by Pau Gasol and commentators Sixto Miguel Serrano, Jorge Quiroga and Antoni Damiel. The San Antonio Spurs Pivotal Wing has for the first time put on their new team’s jersey to star in the game’s cover, an NBA 2K17 that continues to work on the solid foundation that recognizes it as one of the great totems of sport in video games . This year’s novelties go in the line of adding more depth to the game and to recreate even better the spectacle of each of the 30 pavilions of the championship.
  • Hoping that the craziest year in the NBA begins
  • A challenge for veterans, but opening up to new
  • Recreation of the 30 NBA pavilions in detail
  • Without leaving the line of success
NBA 2K17

Hoping that the craziest year in the NBA begins

‘NBA 2K17 ‘ onrushing within days at a time popularity of the incredible NBA thanks to turbulent transfer market in the league this summer, you moved the chair stars like Derrick Rose and above all, Kevin Durant, who arrives at Golden State Warriors to form one of the most fearsome quintets we remember. The best basketball league in the world is going to be spectacular this season, so high sales simulator Visual Concepts and 2K Games are more than insured; However this does not mean that the prestigious studio has slept on its laurels with this new delivery. More of the same? Yes, but putting the bar of quality even higher, if at all possible.

‘NBA 2K17’ is a continuation game , that’s going to make it clear. After having tried and know from the mouth of producer Rob Jones all the new features of this season, it is clear that in Visual Concepts have chosen to keep intact the essence of the saga, but further refining its gameplay, Of game, which have been perfected. The challenge with NBA 2K, for many of us the saga king of sports video games , is not to continue to maintain the scepter of king of basketball, if not be the best in terms of faithful reproduction of everything that happens inside and outside the Basketball court. For that they have attacked this project in different senses: pavilions with more spectacular atmospheres,

A challenge for veterans, but opening up to new

I think I’m not the only one who thinks that basketball fans do not expect Visual Concepts to revolutionize the saga (simply because it does not need to), considering that year after year the formula proves to be outstanding. What you can expect from them, at least for the moment, is that they take it a little further, surprising the player every year, but without putting up the living room. It seems that Rob Jones and his team are very clear about what the community wants and that is something that is noticeable in ‘NBA 2K17’, a game that expands the saga of basketball horizontally, adding a huge amount of details for the most fans of the Showtime , thinking how to make the game remain a challenge for the veterans,

In the playable we are going to find again a basketball simulator that opts for the greatest realism possible , and that on this occasion wants to challenge the most experienced players so that really the skill of the best players come to the surface in the games . Among other things now the characteristic movements of each star will not be activated without greater effort, but will have to learn to dominate them so that they go well; In addition has introduced a new timing bar in the shots , which will have to stop just when it reaches the end to achieve perfect pitches. Without going into too much technical detail, the game on the track will now be improved by a new locking system and an improved collision and rebound system,

‘NBA 2K17’ looks to be a bigger challenge, but at the same time reach out to new players who test the experience for the first time this year. For this we have designed the new 2KU Tutorial mode in which we propose a match between the stars of the National Team of the United States of Rio 2016; the game will freeze from time to time to show us the different choices in the game we can take depending on the situation and precisely these video tips will be responsible for Coach K . The legendary American coach and coach of Duke. Mastering ‘NBA 2K17’ is blooming a day and understanding everything that happens can sometimes be confusing,

NBA 2K17

Recreation of the 30 NBA pavilions in detail

From the gesture of 2K Games to approach the new players is also part of the initiative to launch for free the first chapter of Career Mode ‘NBA 2K17’: The Prelude. It will be able to download in a few days and will put us full in the history of our own basket alter ego from the university parties until the very election in the Draft 2016. From the Mode Carrera we have been able to know little more, except that the cast of actors Of dubbing this year will be led by Michael B. Jordan , who will act as our inseparable companion in history. It has been commented that in this edition has worked in that the decisions that we take when creating our real player have influence until the end, And is that in other editions the players maximized in this way were practically indistinguishable from each other. It has also been revealed that our actions in the party will have immediate repercussions on the behavior of spectators in the pavilion.

On the visual level, one of the biggest innovations we have seen is a smoother movement of players that goes even further in ‘NBA 2K17’ . If the recreation of movements in athletes (especially in foot movements) was outstanding, now we are told, we have worked on a new calculation system that makes every jump, shooting, defense, etc. animation, In a much softer way in view with the next. To these improvements must be added the new lighting system that Visual Concepts debuts this year, although the truth is that we would have to buy the previous year’s delivery with this screen with screen to note the differences and is that the level of visual detail reached until Now it was really high.

The sound section this year takes on more prominence than ever, and the Visual Concepts team has traveled to each of the 30 NBA Teams’ pavilions to capture on the spot all the sounds of the hobbies, the acoustics of each sports venue and Even details like the horn of end of possession. We meet again with a sickly demand for perfection that this year goes a step further, but the obsession for detail does not remain there and is that it introduces a large number of collections of real sneakers of sports brands, both current and Vintage, sure to delight the most die-hard fans of the NBA culture.

NBA 2K17

Without leaving the line of success

Adding to the traditional 30 teams that make up the NBA with completely updated templates, this year incorporates the national teams of the United States and the recent revelation of Rio Olympic Games: Australia , although other powers such as Spain, Argentina or Serbia are left out of The equation for the moment. Nor will they miss the most remembered classic templates of the NBA and Euroleague teams , which this year total a total of 21 templates, among which we will find 5 Spanish teams.

More and better, but without leaving the dotted line; That seems to be the slogan of Visual Concepts with ‘NBA 2K17’, whose analysis certainly you can read within a few days. It seems that quality is guaranteed and the throne of best basketball simulator is not in danger this year, but will Visual Concepts get justification for buying the new delivery if we already did with ‘NBA 2K16’?

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