Odd Gaming News, December 2020

Weird Gaming News, December 2020

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2020 has actually now ended. Lots of people are delighted to finally being putting such a horrible year behind us, however I can not help feeling that we’re walking into 2021 waist deep in afflict and financial obligation. But 2021 does not have to actually press the borders to be better than 2020; so goal low 2021, we’ll still like you for it.

This will be the final weird news of the year! I was hoping to keep it festive, however sadly the odd news in December was mostly not Christmas related.

PS5 More Popular Than Toilet Roll

Okay, so maybe this isn’t really the weirdest news, but the reality that it was reported on by significant sites definitely drew my attention. The PlayStation 5 received more Google searches than Toilet Roll in 2020.

Specifically, “Where to buy PlayStation 5” beat “Where to buy toilet roll”.

Video Game Devs Added Too Many Rubber Ducks to Satanic force’s Souls

Placeholders are a typical tool of game development, but none have actually stuck out quite a lot in the last few years as Satanic force’s Souls’ rubber ducks. The placeholder property was chucked in a folder and forgotten about, however becoming discovered during screening.

Speaking With GamesRader, Bluepoint’s technical artist Collin Harris said the following:

” It just so took place to be the ideal design to check with due to its size and shape. It didn’t injure that it was also an amusing juxtaposition to see a bright yellow rubber duck sitting in an extremely comprehensive dark dream environment.”

But that’s not the end of the story. Instead of simply a number of ducks being included, several hundred wound up populating the video game world and altered into a giant duck. It got to the stage that the designers enjoyed the asset so much that some of the personnel ended up being concerned that they would leak into the full game:

” We utilized it for a bit as a placeholder mesh, however eventually it specified where there was a great quantity of issue (for good factor) that due to the duck’s internal appeal, that it would in some way find its method into the last video game.

So rather of taking the threat of possibly damaging our reputation with Sony, we chose the nuclear option. It was fun while it lasted, and will forever survive on as one of my favorite game dev memories.”

To be honest I picture numerous Souls fans would have been rather happy to have actually seen a rubber duck turn up in Boletaria.

Gaming X-Factor Results in Debate

FaZe Clan is a large lifestyle brand that specialises in eSports merch, which is pressed through things like memes, YouTube, and Twitch streams. The company also runs a competitors each year where gamers contend in obstacle rounds, with the top 5 being rewarded with an agreement.

One young banner with over 100,000 customers made it into the last 20 participants and was provided the following difficulty: “try and make content that goes viral”. That makes sense provided the brand name.

And this is where things began to go a little wrong. Either the six year old Rogan (the streamer in concern) or his moms and dads hatched the strategy to run a stream mentioning that he had been prohibited for no reason. Individuals online started to back a “Free Rogan” campaign, and tried to discover exactly why he had actually been banned. Many people accepted that it was most likely because he was too young to be playing Call of Responsibility: Warzone and began attack Activision for the apparent decision to ban him on these premises.

The content absolutely went viral, possibly too viral, and of course once the fact of the matter came out it generated a little bit of a reaction, although fans were split on whether Rogan and his moms and dads did anything wrong.

If you would like to know more about this story, check out this exceptional post by PCGamer’s Abundant Stanton.

Parent Unintentionally Names Child After a Pokemon

Calling your child is a pain in the behind; you typically go through lists of hundreds of names, trying to find one that’s unique and significant, however which does not sound psychological. My other half and I invested her whole pregnancy (and then some) batting names backward and forward. And after that we did it all over once again with our 2nd kid.

One Reddit user told the story of how his sister called her child after a Pokemon.

My Japanese is pretty weak, but Zacian doesn’t really suggest sword – apparently it has ties to Cyan Something Zacian absolutely is, however, is a famous Pokemon from the 8th generation.

Male Goes Through Plastic Surgery to Appear Like a Video Game Character

I’m all for doing what you desire with your body, however one Malaysian entrepreneur has taken this approach to specific extremes. Amirul Rizwan Musa spent around $40,000 on surgery in an attempt to look like a video game character.

See if you can guess which character from the image listed below:

Did you guess correctly?


Squall from Last Dream VIII

My general idea on this is that he looked fine … and in fact still looks fine post-surgery too. You can view more images of his transformation here

I remember when I was more youthful I got a massive scar from being struck by a rock, and the nurse in the hospital stated I ‘d appear like Harry Potter. I was gutted due to the fact that I wanted to appear like Squall.

Couple Decorate Home with Giant NES & Super Mario Bros. 3

Vacation decorating can be very enjoyable. It’s great to get imaginative, and more and more companies have started to capitalise on the fact that people will pay a premium for specialised decorations.

In this case one couple in Dallas took it to another level, setting up their home to appear like a huge NES and tv screen playing Super Mario Bros. 3:

You may discover that there’s a distinct lack of Cyberpunk 2077 on this list.

Have an excellent new year. I mean to welcome it in the very same way I do every year – in bed, asleep. You can check out November’s unusual news round-up here

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