Now That Pantami, The ‘Terrorist’, Has Actually Matured By Ozodinukwe Okenwa

Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami holds a strategic position in the Muhammadu Buhari presidency. He is not doing badly expertly however that is now a lower issue for Nigerians thinking about the scandal he is embroiled in recently.

Prior to his visit in 2019 as Minister Pantami was the Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Company. His competence is never in doubt although we have quota-system Ministers and representatives of state in sensitive positions of the federal governance. Nepotism and mediocrity are real problems in this Buharian confused presidential period.

Minister Pantami was alleged to have actually been on a United States federal government fear watchlist. Though he rejected it emerged that he had, as a young extreme student in northern Nigeria, upheld some repulsive Salafist ideology, eulogizing the late terrorist-in-chief, Osama Bin Laden and declaring his joy whenever ‘infidels’ (Christians) were murdered! He had actually honestly canvassed support for both Al-Qaeda and Taliban makes use of hoping Allah to give them triumph over their opponents!

Since the despicable views of his, held in the remote past, emerged online and offline Pantami has been boxed on the defensive. He stated that he is now mature and no longer holds the exact same extremist viewpoint.

The Presidency through the Unique Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, had actually typically risen in defense of Pantami arguing that he had altered his ways and destructive views and that he made them when he knew not the import of jihadist theories he propounded.

President Buhari can never ask Pantami to resign or sack him. The factor is simple: Pantami is an untouchable Fulani blue-blood. He had revealed the views that Buhari himself believed in (and still thinks in)! The President ‘loves’ his creed and his Fulani siblings and sis to the degree that he could pardon their every hostility or transgression; he could feel their ‘pain’ or their gain. He has actually never pretended to enjoy an Ijawman, an Igboman or a Yorubaman. Or Christians in basic.

Mullah Pantami might certify to be identified as a repentant ‘terrorist’ or better still, a bigot whose present job had actually made a ‘much better’ person forcing him to toe a more responsible line in his Islamic rhetorics. Provided the controversial revelation worrying his apology of terrorism or advocacy for the slaying of the unbelievers in the past he might have seen the ‘light’ as he got older.

The Minister had actually argued, and the presidency concurred, that corporate traducers and political enemies were behind his existing travails. What he never informed us was how and who these traducers and opponents were. If he is doing his task correctly in the overall interest of Nigerians then he has our complete support. His past misguided lifestyle fraught with messages of hate and fear can not be safeguarded.

If Minister Pantami were to be a christian or a southerner he would have considering that been alleviated of his ministerial responsibility.

Leah Sharibu is still in captivity since she confessed her Christian faith refusing to convert to Islam as demanded by her captors. While the Boko Haram terrorists that abducted numerous students of the Chibok school had released almost all of them miss out on Sharibu is reported to have become a mom of two against her wish and will. She is now a sex slave! President Buhari had guaranteed to launch her years back! Her criminal activity was her initial rejection to dance to the Islamic tune.

We could accept that Pantami made the exposed inflammatory remarks seized by younger radicalism or liveliness troubling more on fundamentalism but the severe issue under focus here is how ‘repented’ he is now. If President Buhari has actually found it extremely challenging if not impossible to change from his dictatorial methods after abusing the democratic system post-Shagari while trying to puzzle us to the contrary then Pantami might feign repentance or play possum in order to make it through the storm.

For us, therefore, Minister Isa Pantami is more of a ‘terrorist’ than he can ever admit. If the late terrorist-in-chief, Osama Bin-Laden, could be described by Pantami as a “better Muslim than myself” then the young Minister need to have terrorism affiliations and affinity still harbouring his inner being. The quicker he leaves government focusing more on espousing Islamic theories or coming out openly to identify with Abubakar Shekau or other terrorists at large the better his credibility.

In between ‘baby-terrorist’ Pantami and the rest people, ‘infidels’, it is only one Supreme Being (God or Allah) that would be the supreme judge at the fullest of time. The innocent blood of the ‘infidels’ shed over the years over which Pantami had admitted his attachment or joviality should enter into play whenever Armaggedon strikes mankind like a thunderbolt.

Now that Minister Pantami has matured taking up federal government visit after having condemned those doing so several years back and renouncing his extremist terrorism-loving views it is delegated be seen how Nigerians would have the ability to fix up the past with today. Now that he has actually grown to the adult years his extreme anti-christian pro-terrorism positions, we have been informed, must be blamed on misguided youthfulness.

Now that the teenaged budding Islamic fundamentalist had actually grown to full maturity ending up being responsible for our nationwide identity and data records as a Minister we need to hope and pray that his mea culpa is not one stage-managed to hoodwink us all.

Now that the hitherto vibrant ‘terrorist’ Pantami has actually issued publicly his remorse or contrition acknowledging and acknowledging that what he stated or thought in years ago was reprehensible sufficient let us believe, in the spirit of ‘to-err-is-human-and-forgiveness-divine’, that the Pantami of the distant past and the Pantami of the present represents 2 worlds apart.

His previous life and today one might present particular differences in way and approach to the concerns of the day as relates to both terrorism and the two dominant faiths in Nigeria yet the truth Pantami and his executive protectors are afraid of stays that history has a method of reminding us all about our deeds and misbehaviours no matter the intervening years or decades.

For Pantami, for that reason, the decision of history has reached its conclusions. No quantity of rejection or blame might put its damning judgment away. His case is a legitimate lesson for those who believe that what is said in words or works might fade away with the passage of time.

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