Need a Development? Find the Right Balance of Creative and Strategic Believing

For the marketing author or company owner in 2019, choosing between strategic and creative is a luxury we can no longer pay for.

Giving rein to our creative individuality will set us apart and help us stand out in the large sea of content. However we also desire to be purposeful and tactical about how we’re investing our time.

Today, we used 3 posts that will nurture your creative side– while offering your tactical brain room to establish imaginative concepts into powerful techniques.

Stefanie Flaxman began us off by discussing how harmful rigidity can be to imaginative work(like composing, marketing, or running a service).

She turns “my way or the highway” to:

” My method, or we could take the beautiful route. Let’s open ourselves up to the finest alternative.”

Inspect out her post to assist you discover more imaginative flexibility– while staying real to your vision and essential goals.

Kickstarter is an amazing tool for introducing creative tasks– however it’s not a simple undertaking. On Tuesday, Sean Jackson, CFO and one of our establishing partners at Copyblogger Media, dropped by to speak about some of the lessons he’s discovered from running his first Kickstarter project

From budgeting to time management to ideas on getting all of that video produced, Sean shares his most valuable insights and ideas.

And on Wednesday, I composed about making the decision to generate a strong professional writer— even if you already feel good about your own writing capability. Strong writing can be a substantial investment, and this post will help you know you’re making that financial investment for the right reasons.

Lastly, do not forget to choose up your THINKERS Notebooks today! These are fantastic tools for strategic and thinkers to plan and establish jobs.

Send us your promise for a minimum of two notebooks no later on than this Monday, March 11, 2019, and we’ll invite you to our personal creativity workshop.


I’ll be strolling you through how to capture, nurture, and fine-tune your concepts, and break through impostor syndrome and imaginative blocks, utilizing a physical notebook as a “Portable Writer’s Studio.”

I’m eagerly anticipating seeing you there!

— Sonia Simone

Chief Material Officer, Copyblogger Media

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