That’s all, folks! Metro Herald closing this Friday

AFTER nearly a decade as Dublin’s best-loved source of bite-sized news, sport, celeb gossip and cute animal pictures, it is with enormous regret that Metro Herald / brings you possibly our worst ever news story – this Friday, December 19, will be Metro Herald’s last ever edition.

Paul Crosbie, managing director of publisher Fortunegreen Ltd, said: ‘It’s extremely unfortunate that we have come to this decision which sadly means the loss of jobs.

‘Metro Herald, and the people who have worked here, have been extremely resourceful and hard-working, breaking new ground in creative print advertising. I’m very proud of what we have achieved here over the last six years and feel privileged to have worked with such talented and creative people.’

Mr Crosbie added: ‘We have been fighting a rear-guard action fuelled by a prolonged recession and an evolving media landscape.

‘I would like to thank our board and shareholders for their support over the years, in what was a historic joint venture agreement between all three organisations – The Irish Times Ltd, DMG Media Ltd and Independent News & Media PLC.’

Daily Mail publisher DMG Media and The Irish Times launched Metro in Dublin in 2005. This was immediately followed by a counter launch of Herald AM from Independent News & Media. Both media groups made significant losses over the five-year period until the decision to merge the titles into one paper, Metro Herald, in 2010. However, the business model has become unsustainable in a difficult advertising environment.

Fortunegreen Ltd employs 13 full-time staff, plus our team of merchandisers who distribute the paper every weekday in the Greater Dublin Area.

All these positions will become redundant, subject to a collective consultation process, which will conclude in January.

Mr Crosbie concluded: ‘I would also like to thank our excellent merchandisers on the streets of Dublin every weekday morning, who will be missed, our advertisers who stayed loyal to us and finally, and not least, all our valued commuting readers.’

Our farewell edition this Friday will feature the best bits from the paper, so if you have any favourite memories you think we should feature, please drop us a line @metrohnews,

Post Author: Izabella Jaworska

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