Mailbox: To the guy who thinks a pregnant lady should not get a seat

Eric (Mailbox, Friday), are you misogynistic or just plain ignorant? You try standing after a day’s work with a stone-plus weight strapped to your lower abdomen that you can’t leave on the overhead rack. Of course people should give their seats up for pregnant women and the elderly, otherwise we’re just animals. Bet your mother/sisters are so proud of you. Fiona

Oh my, why print such obnoxious rubbish? This guy’s mum obviously failed to instil basic values of human decency in this idiot but why deem it worthy to print? He is just another prat who feels ‘entitled’ – I see these guys every day on my commute. But there is one hope: while he may never be pregnant, with any luck he will be old one day. And as you reap what you sow he will be standing (alone) for all eternity. Could not happen to a nicer guy.Eve, Balbriggan
n What a charmer you are, Eric. Your mother must be very proud of the shining example of humanity you turned out to be. Some good news though – the jaded pregnant ladies of Ireland will be mighty relieved they never hooked up with you. Andy H

Eric, try tying a 5-10kg weight around your tummy, stand in a crowded tram and let me know how you feel. Also, pregnancy by itself can cause hip problems, sciatica, etc. Standing can be more difficult than walking at a slow pace. So please think before making ignorant statements and don’t talk like you know it all… because you don’t. Rhythmic Jasmine


Eric, you sound like a charmer. I’m surprised you’re asking what the big deal is about getting a seat on the train when you’re obviously so attached to yours you’re not inclined to give it up over ‘ridiculous’ manners. What about kindness and consideration for others? Is that ridiculous or a sign that someone is hen-pecked? You appear to be only interested in your own needs. Luckily, society has evolved beyond that or we’d all still be in the cave. Ann

Eric, pregnant women work so they don’t have to live off the government, and ‘walk around town’ to go for regular check-ups and get the baby necessities, amongst other things.
Standing for long periods of time is bad for pregnant women, but you don’t care because I am sure your offspring will be hatched and not born, you dumbf***. Annoyed, used to be pregnant

Eric, I actually can’t believe you have that mindset. You sound like such a good catch – not. It’s basic manners to give your seat up for a pregnant lady no matter how long the journey. God love your girlfriend or future wife if she ever gets pregnant, as you’d hope someone with good manners would give up their seat to her. Sure, what am I saying? Obviously someone with such a big ego and who only thinks of themselves couldn’t have either of the previously mentioned. God love them if you do. Get a grip and some manners. Caroline, Tallaght

I hope all of the women in Eric’s life take note of his views on the needs of pregnant women. Not the attitude of a caring son, partner or brother. Chris

Eric, you’re exactly the kind of person we all love seeing on our daily commute. You never give up your seat for a pregnant woman and only maybe for elderly people. Charming. If only there were more like you. While you’re at it, you could also take up two seats with bags/feet, etc. Ms Sarcasm

Post Author: Izabella Jaworska