Luke Rockhold: Usman, Adesanya missed a chance to ‘step up’ throughout Ngannou scenario and ‘alter the landscape’

A lot has taken place in the fight sports world considering that Luke Rockhold last contended in2019 However of all the trends to come and go, none has been more impactful than the rise of celeb boxing and the cash unexpectedly available to Mixed Martial Arts fighters able to make the leap to the boxing ring for crossover bouts versus popular figures like the Paul brothers.

Within the past year alone, previous UFC fighters Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren, Vitor Belfort, and Tito Ortiz have cashed financially rewarding paydays in boxing, and several of the highest-grossing pay televisions of 2021 have actually centered around the celeb boxing trick. As he readies for his UFC return versus Sean Strickland on Nov. 6, Rockhold has primarily remained an observer seeing from afar, but it hasn’t eluded him that every big name associated with the pattern is being drawn to boxing rather than Mixed Martial Arts or the UFC.

And he believes there’s an easy factor for that.

You have what’s called [purse bids], when you can bid to promote– the promoters can bid for the fighters. They’re not just monopolized by one company who determines what you pay and what you get paid.

” So if you want to balance all of that out, yes, there’s a balancing video game in the fighting, why individuals select different paths. Boxing is earning money, so why would you fight a lot more harmful sport and not make money as much? All these celebrity individuals, they’re not going to jeopardize themselves like that. They don’t want that. They don’t have that dog in them. They do not have that nastiness. That’s why you box. That’s why you b tch and you box.”

While he’s delighted for the Strickland battle and looking forward to working his way back into the title photo, Rockhold is likewise a realist and understands that the only method conditions for UFC athletes will ever change is if fighters band together for an official unionization effort of some kind.

And honestly, he simply does not see that occurring anytime quickly.

” No one has enough balls,” Rockhold said. “No one has enough cajones. That’s the problem. Insufficient to[make a difference] There’s very couple of individuals that have the f cking balls, however to get the right amount of individuals together to do that thing, it would never ever occur. Not in any foreseeable future. [The UFC] offers enough to make everyone come back for more. You know what I imply? And after that someone f cking triggers up a discussion and they get shelved up until they run out of cash and they wish to return, and they need to do what they have to do, and they have to take the paycheck they have to take. This is the video game they play.”

As an example, Rockhold indicated Francis Ngannou’s recent problems with the UFC as one circumstance that he felt became a lost chance for UFC fighters as a whole.

Hardly 5 months after Ngannou knocked out Stipe Miocic to catch the UFC heavyweight title in March, the promo presented an interim belt at UFC 265 when settlements with Ngannou for his next fight hit an impasse. Prior to that, a promised superfight between Ngannou and Jon Jones failed to get off the ground due to the fact that of additional stalled contract negotiations in between the UFC and Jones.

Rockhold suggested that Ngannou’s situation was the perfect chance for Ngannou’s fellow African-born champions, UFC welterweight titleholder Kamaru Usman and UFC middleweight king Israel Adesanya, to step up and guarantee Ngannou as an unified front.

” If they’re going to do that to Francis and then no one else [speaks up], his two siblings aren’t going to get behind him and sack up and be the men they need to’ve been when he got shelved– you have actually got 2 Nigerian brothers, they’re champions, they must’ve just stood by him and been males, and maybe that could change the landscape,” Rockhold said. That sh t ain’t going to happen.

” That was the only thing that I saw that really might’ve leveled the playing field and changed things for the better,” Rockhold continued. “When you f ck with Francis and you’ve got this 3 amigos Nigerian brotherhood, if those 2 would’ve stood up, they might’ve f cked. They might’ve f cked deep and tough. The two didn’t step up.”

Naturally, there are fighters on the other side of the discussion as well. One recent example is UFC middleweight Kevin Holland, who defended the UFC’s pay structure last month on the The MMA Hour and said he enjoyed with his present setup. Holland provided a simple tip to his colleagues: “Do your job and you will be more than paid.”

Rockhold said he heard those remarks and chalked them as much as simple youthful naivety.

” I DM ‘d Kevin Holland the minute I heard that bullsh t he stated,” Rockhold said. “I was like, ‘What the f ck are you talking about, kid? Yeah, you lose a couple more fights and you’re going to be on the other side of that f cking argument.

As he continued, Rockhold pointed to the UFC’s newest consistent deal with Venum as another example of the UFC making big choices without any input from the fighters themselves.

Is wearing a f cking snake on my goddamn f cking thing,” Rockhold stated. Do you the NBA or the f cking MLB, they’ve got a f cking snake on their clothing? What the f ck is this sh t?

Rockhold included that he isn’t concerned about what might result from him speaking his mind. If he feels highly about a topic, he’s going to say whatever it is he wishes to say.

Ultimately, though, he doesn’t anticipate it to make much of a distinction. He argued that the profits split in the UFC isn’t going to inch anywhere near what athletes in other major American leagues like the NBA and the NFL earn money until something drastic modifications with the method the majority of top-level UFC professional athletes approach business side of the game.

” Those are group sports,” Rockhold stated. “Those are team sports making money 50 percent. Alright? Boxing is the closest thing related and it’s method less popular, and they’re getting 60 to 80 percent of the earnings. So if you wish to really compare it, we shouldn’t be getting 50, we need to be getting more if you actually want to break that down. At least have a governing body and split the f cking[revenue] We’re a larger sport than any person else in this video game right now so why should not we be shared that sh t?”

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