Kate Hudson announces her third pregnancy

The actress has announced with a video that she is pregnant for the third time. The father is the musician, Danny Fujikawa, with whom he has had a relationship for a year.

Kate Hudson has announced that she is expecting her third child. And it has done as now famous people do, through Instagram. The 38-year-old actress published a short video where she reveals sex. “A little girl is on the way,” he wrote in the text with the video that also includes his partner, the musician Danny Fujikawa, and their children, Ryder, 14, and Bingham, 6. So congratulations and everything comes out all right.

The actress Kate Hudson n is in luck. She is going to be a mother for the third time, that is, she becomes a large family, since her partner, the musician Danny Fujikawa, already has Ryder of 14 years, and Bingham, of 6, although they are from a previous couple. And as it now seems that it is fashionable to announce it in a very original way, she has done it with a video.

He appears in a white dress that reveals his bulging belly. “A little girl is on the way,” he wrote in the text. In the message, she explains that before the rumors about a possible pregnancy, she has decided to tell it. “Frankly, hiding is more exhausting than making it public,” he said. We will be looking forward to seeing your pre-mama looks because it is one of the most stylish celebrities.

He also explains that for this reason, he has been absent from social networks in recent months, something that is certain that he attracted attention. “It’s been the hardest first quarter of all the pregnancies I’ve had. The boomerangs made me dizzy. Watching superzoom videos was the easiest way to end up with the head in the bathroom. The photos of food on Instagram put my stomach upside down, and thinking about having to record Stories made me tired more than I already was, “he explained.

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“My children, Danny, me and the whole family are crazy with emotion,” concluded the actress, who has had a relationship with Fujikawa since the beginning of 2017. Well, nothing, we are very happy and we only have to know the name. Bets are accepted.

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