Jet Ski Trout Fishing Tips Will Make Your Friend Jealous

Jet Ski Trout Fishing Tips For Waverunner Enthusiasts

I have been addicted to jet ski fishing from a young age. The first trout I ever caught was below a dam as I stood precariously at the top. My mentor told me that I wouldn’t catch anything in the turbulent water below but he was wrong. Go to for tools and accessories.

I hooked a 6-inch brook trout and almost cried when I was told to throw it back in the water because the law at the time was 7 inches to be legal. I was only 12 years old and a crybaby at that.

I became open to catching brown trout since they were the most plentiful. An old fisherman told me a story how he created a weighted jig that was effective for catching Batten Kill trout or pond trout. He was fishing one day in the rain swelled Batten Kill when he inadvertently kicked over a number of stones. Trout were bumping into his waders going after whatever it was that was hiding under those very stones.

Later on, when the water was clear, he went back to the very spot and started kicking stones. What he saw were small Sculpin minnows fleeing in every direction. These were the very fish that drove the trout into a feeding frenzy on that rain-swollen stream. As a fly fisherman, he went back to his den and designed a lure that imitated those little Sculpin minnows. He invented the trout jig.

Dream Lure Cost 19 Cents

Trout fishing can get expensive. Go out and buy a Mepps spinner and you pay around $ 4.00 or a Rapala and pay close to $7.00. Now add up the cost of lures that get lost on snags, in trees, or fish’s jaws.

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about the high cost of replacing lost lures? What about all the difficult cast you decline to take not wanting to risk losing your lure? At .19 cents a lure, you can afford to take that difficult cast and not worry about it! Not to mention that it’s the best trout catching lure you will ever use!

What Lures Catch Trout?

This may sound like a silly question, but it is not. What is the best trout lure? Trout fisherman catch trout with the lures they use! Before you say, “No, duh,” let me explain. Every trout fisherman develops a set of trout fishing prejudices.

Fisherman will defend their opinion of the best trout lure based on their own experiences. Maybe they had some good success with a particular lure.

Unfortunately, these same fishermen might do even better if they would be willing to try something else! Almost anything will catch trout some of the time, but what you want in your tackle box is a lure that will catch trout most of the time!

Hey, if you dragged a Budweiser beer can, with a treble hook attached to it across a few good fishing lakes you would likely catch Lake Trout, Northern Pike and a few other Ends of large fish. You likely wouldn’t catch many, but if you dragged it long enough something would eventually nail it!

The point I wish to make is an important one worth repeating. And that point is this: Be willing to try other lures that may even be better. You are about to meet a better lure!

The Finicky Feeding Trout Lures Will Produce More Myth Fish?

trout accessories to catchFly fisherman, in particular, have perpetrated the myth that trout are selective feeders that only feed on exactly what they are looking for. This may apply to fly fishing sometimes, especially when the trout are chasing a particular hatch.

However, trout are not always that selective when they are hungry and sometimes even when they are not hungry!

They are an opportunist and will feed on just about anything out of pure instinct… when they feel like it!

For example, I have caught trout on whole kernel corn, macaroni, chewing gum, and marshmallows! I heard of one record sized brook trout that was caught on a red jellybean! So how selective were those trout?

I have caught trout that were so stuffed with food, they had no reason to bite, but they did. So how finicky were those trout? Of course, “worm droppers” fishing with that ever-popular “garden hackle” always catch their share of fish too.

The bottom line is this: Just about anything will catch trout-trout cent lure!

There are many advantages of using lures to catch trout.
With lures, you can control the color, size, weight and look of your bait very easily. Of course, there are times where you almost need a stick of dynamite to get a fish’s attention. At other times, your fishing buddy may be hauling in trout with his “garden hackle” also known as worms, while you are casting lures in vain.

But in the long run, you will out-fish everyone by simply using lures. Even a well-fed trout will nail a lure out of pure instinct like I said before. Lures represent one of the trout’s favorite foods… mirrors. When a lure resembling a minnow passes near a trout, it makes for a very tempting and more-visible target. Especially when that lure is a trout jig!


jig trout special oneYou heard the magic words… trout jig-a very special designed jig. Just in case you never heard of a jig, here is what they are. Jigs are specially shaped fishing hooks with lead molded around them just below the eye of the hook. The hooks come in various shapes and sizes as well as the lead portion too. They are not that special to look at until they are “dressed” with any number of materials.


If you order “undressed” or plain jig heads in quantity, they will cost you about 19 cents. You can even make your own jigs heads for much less than that! All you need to do is order the special jig hooks, a jig mold and a hunk of lead. You could scrounge around and find some free lead.


Now you have to place the hooks in the mold and pour the melted lead. Before you start melting lead and pouring your own jigs, consider the ease of buying jigs that are already molded for only .19 cents or less! If you insist on making your own, you can get the price down to about .10 cents! (No, it’s not a trout jig yet!)


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