Jet diverts as crew fall ill from fumes

A TRANSATLANTIC aircraft diverted to Dublin Airport on Sunday after three flight attendants were overcome by fumes and left ‘partially incapacitated.’

The US Airways flight was en route from Venice in Italy to Philadelphia in the US when the pilot contacted air traffic controllers.

It was the second time this month that flight AWE-715 was forced to divert to Dublin with the problem, however different aircraft were involved.

The Airbus A330-200 jet was about 340km west of Shannon Airport and more than 500km from Dublin when the crew made a U-turn and told controllers they wished to land.

The flight crew was offered several airport options to divert to, including Dublin, Shannon, and Belfast, before the crew opted to land in Dublin.

The pilot also confirmed that three flight attendants were suffering from the effects of ‘inhaling fumes’ which were detected in the galley area. He advised air traffic controllers that as a result, the three crew members had been left ‘partially incapacitated.’ No passengers or pilots affected.

On May 10, a different Airbus A330 aircraft with the same airline on the same route diverted to Dublin after the pilot reported a number of crew members and passengers had become ill with nausea and dizziness – nine cabin crew were later taken to a hospital for treatment.

In July 2013 a US Airways flight bound for North Carolina diverted to Dublin after two flight crew fell ill shortly after take-off.

Post Author: Izabella Jaworska

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