Jake Paul understands he’s in Dana White’s head over his fighter pay grievances: ‘I’m impacting his pockets and he doesn’t like that’

For all the ways Jake Paul might consider himself an expert disruptor, he may be the most happy with the noise he’s made over fighter pay in combat sports.

The YouTube celeb turned boxer has actually been a particular thorn in the side of UFC president Dana White in current months as he’s taken every public platform readily available to him and utilized it to grumble about the treatment of fighters competing in the most significant combined martial arts promo worldwide.

When UFC fighter Sarah Alpar began a GoFundMe project to raise money for her training camp, Paul contributed $5,000 towards her goal. He’s likewise witnessed fighters like Competitor Series veteran Cheyanne Buys openly confess to having actually a zeroed out savings account ahead of her second battle with the UFC not to mention middleweight contender Jared Cannonier stating “I’m broke” after he simply earned a win in a UFC centerpiece.

Thanks to Paul’s long reach on social media, he’s unexpectedly become the loudest voice advocating for better fighter pay, especially when it comes to the UFC, and it’s not simply lip service to him. He’s putting his cash where his mouth is when it comes to the wages for the fighters completing on his undercard when he deals with ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley on Aug. 29 in Cleveland on FITE TELEVISION pay-per-view

” It’s something that I’m bullish on and something that requires to alter,” Paul told MMA Battling. “For my battle, while we were developing out the undercard, I was like we require to ensure that this fight, these fighters, every single person on the card earns money the most that they have actually ever made money to combat.

” I just want to spread out the wealth and have to do with my words and put action behind my words and be the change instead of just talking about the change.”

In many methods, Paul seems like it’s become his responsibility to continue pursuing White and the UFC for how much fighters are being paid in the promotion because he believes a number of the athletes are too terrified of the prospective effects to speak up on their own.

With most of expert athletes in other sports represented by a gamer’s union, the UFC fighters have no such protection and they are still considered independent contractors rather than workers, which also strips away some of their rights.

Paul understands how discouraging that should be, which is why he’s taken it upon himself to continue upseting White at every turn when it concerns the incomes fighters are being paid in the UFC.

” Look, the UFC fighters can’t discuss it,” Paul said. “They can’t promote for fighter pay since Dana White will just rack them and a lot of the times it’s the same situation with boxing promoters who sign a few of these young stars and lock them up in extremely long contracts.

” But I see how hard combating is, I see how hard fighters work. The reality that it’s so skewed versus any other sport and it’s the most dangerous sport out of all of them, there needs to be a modification there. I’m actually beginning to affect Dana White’s company.”

Considering that Paul became a name in combat sports as a boxer and taken chance ats the UFC president, White has consistently fired back including his assistance for Ben Askren ahead of his battle versus the 24- year-old Ohio native as well as recently stating the shelf life for the social influencer will be “extremely f cking short.”

In reaction, Paul only needs to see how irritated White gets whenever his name is brought up to understand that his technique is working.

” He talks about me way more than I talk about him,” Paul stated about White.

” Those are big wig guys with a great deal of power who are really greedy and they will do anything to get to the top. They have succeeded but they desire more. They constantly want more. That’s how these billionaire sharks are. They will kill and eat everyone in their path to put more cash into their bank accounts. I’m in his head, I’m affecting his pockets and he does not like that.”

Long term, the UFC fighters are eventually going to be responsible for the battle for better pay but Paul assures he will continue to support combined martial artists nevertheless possible.

While his individual focus stays on boxing, Paul acknowledges that he ‘d happily welcome the addition of MMA battles on one of his upcoming undercards and he’ll fight for them the same method he did the professional athletes competing along with him on Aug.29


” I believe that’s the future of battling,” Paul discussed. “I believe it’s perhaps mixing Mixed Martial Arts and boxing, all into one night. I think if you’re a fan of boxing, you’re probably most likely a fan of MMA. I know there are some individuals who are split and stuck on each side however I’m an overall fight fan all the way around the board. From boxing to Mixed Martial Arts to bare-knuckle, so I definitely see that as a possibility.

” I think that would be something very dope and due to the fact that I’m partnered with Showtime and Stephen Espinoza, we can throw a sick Bellator battle or something, there’s lots of methods to get imaginative there.”

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