Illinois suit filed against top e-cigarette maker

An Illinois teen who fell ill with a lung disease after vaping for over a year took legal action against a leading e-cigarette maker on Friday, accusing it of intentionally marketing to youths and sending the message that vaping is cool.

Lawyers filed a claim in Lake County Circuit Court on behalf of 18- year-old Adam Hergenreder, who was hospitalized at the end of August for about a week after complaining of queasiness and labored breathing.

The 85- page suit argued Juul Labs conveyed in ads and through social networks projects that kids could enhance their social status by vaping. It likewise stated Juul never fully reveal their products contain dangerous chemicals.

” To put it mildly, Adam didn’t stand a possibility to avoid getting hooked on these hazardous timebombs,” said Hergenreder’s lawyer, Antonio Romanucci.

The filing comes as health officials investigate numerous breathing diseases nationwide reported in individuals who used vaping gadgets. An Illinois guy died in August after contracting a lung disease connected to vaping.

Hergenreder just recently told the Chicago Tribune that last year he started buying homemade gadgets filled with THC, the high-inducing ingredient in marijuana, off the street. Vaping companies state blame ought to be placed on those black-market devices, called dab sticks, for a wave of hospitalizations.

Friday’s lawsuit did not directly raise that issue, consisting of whether it is possible that the makeshift gadgets including THC might have caused or contributed to Hergenreder’s disease.

Hergenreder, from the Chicago suburb of Gurnee, was released from the healthcare facility on Sept. 6 with “considerable lung damage,” according to the claim. He appeared with his mother and his lawyer at a Friday press conference announcing the litigation.

San Francisco-based Juul stated in a Friday declaration that it’s “never marketed to youth” and has ongoing campaigns to fight minor use. It included that its products are implied to assist adult cigarette smokers wean themselves off standard paper-and-tobacco cigarettes, which Juul called “the most dangerous legal consumer product known to male.”

Among the safety measures Juul stated it’s required to ensure young individuals aren’t drawn to its e-cigarettes was to close Juul’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The business stated it has actually likewise released technology that limits a sale up until someone’s age is verified.

The new lawsuit implicated Juul of often depending on indirect advertising to kids, including by using social networks users with huge followings to promote Juul products in tweets or Instagram posts.

The suit also names a filling station in Waukegan as an accused, accusing it of routinely offering Hergenreder nicotine-based Juul items when he was too young to legally purchase them. Federal law restricts e-cigarette and all other tobacco sales to those under 18.

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