How to shop safely online? – guide informed consumer

I think we all love to buy on-line. Save time and nerves, a huge choice, convenience of access to literally everything within mouse clicks, avoiding queues and crowds shop – but if online shopping only have advantages?

How to shop safely online?  - guide informed consumer

In recent years, literally before our eyes we have made a real revolution in consumer commerce. As research in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, customers make an average of about 12 a year online shopping, but in the near future there will be more. For comparison, the inhabitants of Western Europe and North America make approx. 19 online purchases per year, and Asia – approx. 22 (data for the report  of KPMG International Fri “The Truth About Online Consumers” ). Therefore, we will buy and buy some more. But how to buy wisely, well and safely? Before you our brief tutorial that will save you time, nerves and perhaps money.

Before you sign – READ

Yes, we know that reading the extensive rules of the store is not specifically dealing with, but it is worth to overcome and take a long time to study, although some paragraphs. Especially those relating to reimbursement, claims and possible shipping. Oh, and look, which “puts the birds” – it is impossible to buy anything in the network without the consent of the regulations, but no longer need to settle for spamming our box “exclusive offers”.


Remember that when making purchases over a network to use secure pages, SSL-protected pages. Such a site in the address bar padlock, have a characteristic, the address begins with “https” and the browser usually informs us that “the connection is secure.” It is worth remembering if you do not want our data does not fall into the wrong hands.


Just two clicks, to see whether the offer that we found in the store is really as attractive as we think. Wyguglanie competition will take you just a few seconds, and in addition can be put to use services such as Ceneo or Miser , in which we can compare prices basically everything that can be purchased online. Feel free to check it out!


If the mailbox or via FB you receive a message that someone is giving away for free IPhone`yi just click on this link flashing then know that you are dealing with an ordinary fraud that may end up on a debit account or a dangerous virus. The web is full of this type of traps, but apart from them it is worth paying attention to suspicious offers, which you come across in various e-stores. It is in such cases check carefully whether the product is offered, for example. Original, new, not used and the seller – trustworthy.


In recent times, a real sensation in doing internet shopping special discount codes. Such services, as Picodi provide access to discount codes, promotions and coupons to the best online stores. Thanks to them even cheaper you can buy basically everything – from elegant shoes, hardware and household appliances until the pizza evening with the beloved favorite show. And again – it’s worth spending a few seconds to check whether we save an additional dozen or even a few dozen gold benefit from the free coupon.

overexposure SELLER

If anything at the store will suspect you do not keep your resistance against fast wyguglaniem opinion about him. Become familiar with what other buyers think of the Internet address, because this avoids nieprzyjmnych situation and save a lot of money.


Do not be fooled seller! In principle, each network bought the thing you can return it within 10 days without giving any reason by the distance to the sale and purchase agreement. It is sufficient to send it within two weeks of informing the seller. Write “no return” has nothing of the law. This is one of the many rights that you have as a consumer.

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