Hot Tweets: Discussing UFC 261, the return of fans, Triller Battle Club, and UFC Africa

After a quick one-week hiatus so I might attend and cover the Triller Battle Club occasion, Hot Tweets is back and young boy do we have a lot to chat about. UFC 261, the return of fans, the previously mentioned Triller Battle Club, and a variety of other statements and rumors have been swirling about the last couple of weeks so let’s jump in!

If all 3 challengers win this weekend, will we get 3 instant rematches?

— Daniel Pompilio (@elpompilio) April 22, 2021

I ‘d say it’s possible but most likely not most likely.

Starting from probably to least: if Jessica Andrade in some way upsets Valentina Shevchenko, that is ensured to be an immediate rematch. Shevchenko is a dominant champ, the UFC has actually purchased her, and there truly is nobody else in line. That a person is a lock.

If Jorge Masvidal upsets Kamaru Usman, the most likely scenario is that they run the trilogy right back because Usman has the one win already, he’s been a dominant champ they have actually been beginning to push as possibly the next GOAT, and trilogies are huge money. This one isn’t guaranteed because if Masvidal wins the title, that opens up some other opportunities, both for the UFC and for himself. Possibly rather of threematching it with Usman, Masvidal wants to fight Conor McGregor(if McGregor beats Poirier). If that battle is on the table, the UFC is at least going to consider it, despite how fantastic Usman has been.

Finally, if Rose Namajunas upsets Weili Zhang, I believe it’s slightly most likely that they go elsewhere. In favor of an automated rematch is that the UFC wishes to press Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk currently has two losses to Namajunas. Working against the rematch though is third-ranked Yan Xiaonan, who is presently set up to deal with fourth-ranked Carla Esparza next month. If Yan wins, you ‘d be difficult pushed to deny her a title shot and even if she loses, Esparza does have a win over Namajunas and it’s possible the UFC decides that there suffices juice there to squeeze rather of a transparent tactic to continue making inroads into the Chinese market.

All that being stated, the chances of all three titles changing hands tonight are astronomically little. It’s even more likely that no titles change hands and we’re On To The Next One for all parties involved.

Are u excited about the resurgence of the Fans or there are still some sort of fears regarding COVID-19?

— HONG KONG (@AbdullahShwihdi) April 23, 2021

No. It is a terrible idea that shouldn’t be taking place, and I simply hope it does not irreparably harm anybody.

This will be the area that gets people the most riled up since the individuals who decry “cancel culture” are softer than melted ice cream, however just put, this DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN. We are still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that has actually eliminated millions of people.

The UFC is not putting on a complete fan occasion due to the fact that the world is safe now or because Jacksonville needs it. This is occurring for the same two reasons that the UFC continued to hold events when the rest of the world shut down: one guy’s ego and the almighty dollar.

The UFC wants to be the very first event back with complete fan participation so they can put a flag in the ground and Dr. Dana White can state the pandemic over in the face of a world complete of medical professionals saying otherwise. Once again, it’s crucial to remember that Dana White is paid a portion of the UFC’s revenues

On top of it being a bad idea in general, the UFC isn’t even pretending to care at this moment. The only requirement for fans to go into UFC 261 is for them to complete a health questionnaire designed to reveal if they may have recently been exposed to the virus and from there fans have the option about whether to use a mask. It’s the honor system for 15,000 individuals. There is literally no argument in favor of this that doesn’t come down to “I don’t care about other individuals.”

Hopefully, many of the individuals in participation for UFC 261 will be vaccinated and ideally they will be using masks but I do not have a lot of faith in that.

It seems like the B-List circus celeb boxing match gain more traditional attention than any non-Conor MMA match. Exist any lessons to be gained from that or is that simply the “can’t look away from a train wreck” effect?

— Paul Garcia (@hpaulg) April 22, 2021

Yes, there’s one huge lesson to learn: Mixed Martial Arts companies are objectively terrible at building stars.

Combat sports is a star-driven medium, it always has been and it always will be. Intentionally attempting to injure another human being exists too far out of the primary stream for the wider public to gravitate towards consistently. There will always be some individuals, many people, who enjoy it and devote their lives to it, even perhaps when all logic and their families have pled them to pursue other, more rewarding locations of interest, but for the most part, fighting is a passing dalliance dictated by a broader appeal, i.e. star power. The majority of people don’t want to see fights every Saturday night, but everyone will watch every from time to time if the people combating are culturally essential, which’s where the UFC and Bellator have actually failed marvelously throughout the years.

As excellent a fighter as Demetrious Johnson is, there’s just so much you can make the wider public care about him. Now, the UFC does not optimize their potential in this regard however really, they’re not much attempting to. The UFC and Dana White have actually always been the stars of the program and if your Conor McGregors and Ronda Rousey‘s come along, that’s simply a nice bonus offer.

Jake Paul hasn’t done anything unusual or difficult, he’s merely utilizing a known hack to the system to great success. Paul could make a lot of cash doing any number of things, this is simply the opportunity he picked, and as long as he keeps winning, he’ll keep making a lot of cash because individuals are going to see.

How big of a slap in the face is it to Diaz, Edwards, Wonderboy & Burns that Covington is currently in line for the next title chance at 170 after 1 win?

— Yves the Hardcore Casual (@CasualYves) April 22, 2021

It’s a decently sized slap in the face. It’s most likely not true.

Or Brock Lesnar wasn’t coming to the UFC? Or that when the Georges St-Pierre return ship had cruised? Well Khabib retired, Brock combated again, and that deliver cruised right back
At UFC 262, Leon Edwards is combating Nate Diaz and if Diaz wins, I warranty that guy gets the next fracture at Kamaru Usman, regardless of how much Colby Covington grumbles. The UFC has revealed a consistent determination to hand Colby Ls for lower reasons.

Of course, that’s small comfort for Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson who find themselves well outside the title discussion right now, however it’s hard to feel too much pity for either male. I ‘d enjoy to see him combat Usman but by no ways does he have a bullet-proof case for it.

Well Jed, vettori before Whittaker? Wtf? It’s a joke.

— jose myer (@JoeMufc111) April 23, 2021

This is far from specific but if it holds true, this one blows hard.

The rumors running around are that Adesanya’s desired timeline for return doesn’t match up for Whittaker so the UFC is looking at doing Vettori rather and if that does occur, it’s some quite ragged garbage. Vettori has actually been on a good run but he hasn’t beaten nearly the competition Whittaker has and providing him a title shot over Bobby Knuckles feels a bit like Adesanya just doesn’t wish to battle the man he styled on their very first battle. I suggest, I think it’s much better than Darren Till randomly getting a title shot however it still stinks to high paradise.

Robert Whittaker has actually had the best run of any previous UFC champion ever. He has actually legally looked much better than ever and the only fighter I can believe of who has done something similar is Frankie Edgar, but his title rebound included a drop to his natural weight class. Whittaker is clearly the 2nd finest middleweight in the world (third if you’re counting Yoel Romero) and is worthy of to be rewarded for putting together a string of spectacular efficiencies.

What main event are you anticipating most next month?

— iriJ (@UndraftedIriJ) April 22, 2021

Easily Cory Sandhagen vs. T.J. Dillashaw

I know the majority of people will pick the light-weight title fight at UFC 262 which’s great but I’m still not over the absurdity of that fight being for the belt when the winner rather possibly will not even be a top-five lightweight in the world. Plus, if Michael Chandler wins that’s gon na draw a huge one.

On The Other Hand, Sandhagen-Dillashaw has a remarkable backstory with tons of intrigue and need to be absolutely bonkers. Dillashaw is the greatest bantamweight ever however had to go tooth and nail with Dominick Cruz Sandhagen is a revamped variation of Cruz but has never ever battled a person with Dillashaw’s movement. Unless Dillashaw is washed (certainly possible) this need to be fireworks in the cage and what it indicates for the division and both guys is captivating. I can’t wait.

On a scale from hyper unrealistic to currently booked: How practical is „ Mixed Martial Arts Rumble in the Jungle” Africa occasion with all 3 champs on one card?

— elAzul (@LkakaphenO308) April 23, 2021

Rumor has it that the UFC is looking to go to Africa in 2022, and while I’m positive that will happen, it is incredibly impractical to believe all three African UFC champs will be fighting on the card. Depending on how late in the year the card is, it’s possible Kamaru Usman, Israel Adesanya, and Francis Ngannou don’t even have titles.

Really, not having titles would make the prospect of them all completing on the card much more most likely. The UFC hardly ever does 3 title fight cards (this weekend being the exception rather than the guideline) due to the fact that it develops downstream issues. That’s less belts for them to have access to for headlining cards and they constantly want to spread out the wealth. And generally when they do place on triple-title cards, a couple of the belts on the card are less important from a numbers point of view. God love Valentina Shevchenko, I believe she’s the very best fighter worldwide compared to her peers, but she’s not doing PPV numbers. For the UFC to put their welterweight, middleweight, and heavyweight belts on the exact same card, with two of their greatest stars holding those belts, that is A LOT of eggs in one basket.

Without a doubt the most likely outcome is the UFC does a title battle double header and the third champion is just in attendance and doing media. It still provides all a possibility to take pleasure in UFC Africa however it doesn’t restrict the UFC as much and it’s not like this will be a one time thing. Once the UFC opens the doors to Africa, they will be returning, especially with the level of skill that continues to gather from that continent.

You’re in luck, since you can send your Hot Tweets to me, @JedKMeshew and I will address them! Get strange with it.

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