The ultimate 8 small things that make us happy

WE don’t need a Lotto win to be happy. We’re flipping delira to get a nice smile, or a freshly-baked croissant, actually. Here are the ultimate little things that make us happy.

1. Getting too much change. Whether it’s someone accidentally giving you back an extra fifty cent, a couple of coins left in the Luas ticket maching, or the taxi driver who simply doesn’t have the coppers coins to settle your €10.40 fare, it’s basically the Russian roulette of life, and you just walked away and won, you absolute shark. No regrets.

2. Getting two things out of the vending machine when you’ve only paid for one. Sometimes it’s strategic, when you can see that a little tip from a can of Fanta will knock that packet of Hula Hoops down and sometimes some eejit has incorrectly loaded the machine (we can but dream). If extra change is Russian Roulette, then this is the claw game from the arcade and you are #winning.

3. When someone hot smiles at you. So she’s making your sandwich. So what? You and I both know there’s a special connection there that far surpasses the necessaries of a functionary-customer relationship. And if the chiselled devil in Meteor is  gurning at you, you’re obviously one handsome bastard as well. Well done.

4. Waking up and realising it’s Saturday. After leaving school and leaving behind the recurring dream of being late for school – the one tHat generally took place directly before waking and realising you really were going to be late for school – we got a grown-up version of the same thing. Now every Friday we wake in a cold sweat at ten to nine, knowing we’ll never have enough time to shower and have breakfast, and s**t, it’s probably taxi time and – hang on – realise it’s Saturday. Aaaand, back to sleep for another four hours.

5. When the bus driver lets you ride for free. You’ve forgotten your Leap card again, yeh dope. You’ve also left your change in your jeans pocket, genius. And where have you discovered this? On the bleedin’ bus, at the coin drop. Everyone is looking at you, and sighing pointedly. Then, a choir of angels appears. The bus driver is rimmed in a halo of light. He nods, and an orchestra lifts and hits a crescendo, as he growls, ‘Go on love, I’ll let you off this time.’ You spend the rest of the journey smiling giddily and feeling special, especially when he makes another girl find her change before letting her on.

6. When you think you’ve missed your train but it’s running late too. This one’s self-explanatory. Normally, if you arrive with even 30 seconds to spare and the train’s not there you adopt an ‘Even monkeys could run this place better’ facial expression, as well as a fierce moody hip jut. However, the one morning you, through no fault of your own (sure), find yourself and the train simultaneously delayed, you can’t help but feel someone up there is looking out for you, kid. 

7. Coffee time – would you like a free one? You’ve gotten to the counter, handed in your loyalty card in an early-morning daze and through your fugue state you feel a stirring. What’s that? You get a free coffee? It’s hardly surprising, considering how much of the stuff you put away, but it is lovely regardless, and you feel a little like you’re exercising planning and foresight, among other adult qualities. Yes, I will have a free coffee. Thank you.

8. Getting your favourite seat on the bus. Now me, I like sitting at the back of the bus on the bottom floor, because that’s where the engine is located and it warms my bum. There is absolutely nothing nicer on a cold morning. And it’s always delicious getting on the Luas and nabbing one of those sturdy seats, right beside the door. Maybe it doesn’t have your name on it. We all know whose seat it is, though.

Post Author: Izabella Jaworska

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