Hair loss: Taboo for 57% of women

Hair loss: Taboo for 57% of women. Out of worry, embarrassment or low self-esteem, the fact is that hair loss can become a serious problem when it comes to hiding. Although in the case of men, hair loss seems natural and age-specific, it is not the same with women, as can be seen from a survey conducted by a well-known brand of capital regeneration. But why are women embarrassed to admit that our hair is falling out?

Hair loss: Taboo for 57% of women. The stress, the food, the pace of life, many factors that can cause hair to fall excessively. Although naturally, we lose hair every day, when the loss begins to be abundant it is advisable to consult a doctor or specialist to find the causes that cause hair loss and apply a treatment. An uncomfortable situation that leads many women not to talk about the subject, because of shame or because of the excessive importance is sometimes given to the image.

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The causes of hair loss can be diverse, from stress to a correct diet, through pregnancy, and although it is not considered a disease, it does require treatment, or at least follow a series of tips to prevent it from falling, since it can affect both the image and the woman’s self – esteem . Hair loss, accepted in the case of men, is not so in the case of women. In fact, the majority considers it a taboo, in particular, 57%, as it is clear from a survey conducted by a well-known capital regeneration brand, Viviscal, carried out among more than a thousand surveyed between 20 and 60 years.

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Why is it hard for us to admit that our hair is falling out? For the majority, specifically 54% simply, it is an uncomfortable situation, and only 25% consider that it is more for men than for women. When brushing, when leaving the shower or when we get up, we realize that our hair falls out excessively. It is time to put ourselves in the hands of a specialist, a decision that does not seem easy to take in the case of women. The reason, according to most of the respondents, 31%, is to look for it in the excessive importance that is granted to the image of women. Second, out of embarrassment, 20.6%; and third, low self-esteem, 19.6%. For some women, 9%, it is a disease, and for 2.5% a hygiene problem.

Although hair care, especially at certain times of the year, is one of the concerns of women, its fall is not the least. Specifically, more than 72% say they are worried about losing hair, and 18% of them feel less beautiful. A percentage of 10% responds that faced with this situation, they try to disguise it by changing their hairstyle, and 2% leave included to carry out certain activities.

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