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If you have some exceptional writing skills and would like to share your experience about marketing and e-commerce with over 50,000 readers, please contact us!

Our readers are business owners interested in all that content that helps them achieve their objectives more effectively. Therefore, we hope that what you write is directly related to marketing and ecommerce.

In addition, we hope that your contributions are compressive and come from statistical data. And although we value your opinion, we prefer arguments that have been researched enough and are based on concrete examples.

Application requirements

We want original and thoughtful content presented in a friendly and informative manner. That said, your article should:

  • be current and useful.
  • be well structured and easy to read.
  • Focus on a relevant keyword.
  • be illustrated with real examples.
  • have a length of at least 1,500 words.

To help you understand what we expect from each application, we have created a list with all the requirements explained in detail. Make sure you read and follow all the sections before uploading your article:

Step 1: Tell us your idea

We want to know your ideas and know about you. Send us your proposal via Contact page and make sure you include:

A short summary of the article with a specific keyword and a list of the questions you intend to answer in your article.

Links to your previous publications.

Step 2: Send us the first draft

Once we accept the theme, you have the green light to start writing your article. Before sending us your first draft, make sure you meet all the requirements that appear on the list that we mentioned before.

In any case, your first draft should include:

A complete article in Google Docs with the option to edit enabled.

A folder on Google drive with the images used in the article.

Step Three: Finish your draft

After reviewing your first draft, we will tell you if we would like to share it with our readers.

We will also send you feedback to optimize it. We hope you take these suggestions seriously when creating your second draft. Ideally, once you have corrected the document, it should be ready to be published.

If not, you will have one more chance to review your post before we decide whether to publish it or discard it.

We reserve the right to edit, modify, publish and republish articles at our convenience