Gary leaves for Ireland today – Medical tests prepared Bonus

Cops Commissioner Gary Griffith will be flying out to Ireland today where he will go through a medical check up.

The Express comprehends that the leading cop was carded to leave Trinidad at 1 p.m today.

A release from the Trinidad and Tobago Authorities Service (TTPS) specified that the Commissioner will be out of the country till October 31.

It stated that in his absence, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Intelligence and Examinations), Mc Donald Jacob, will function as Commissioner of Police.

” While abroad, Commissioner Griffith will undergo a medical check-up.” the release stated.

Griffith’s better half Nicole and child are presently in Ireland.

On September 29 Griffith had suggested that he will go on vacation to Ireland for one month.

It would have been the first time Griffith was to take a getaway given that being appointed leading police in August 2018.

However, a couple of days in the future October 2 Griffith held a press conference where he announced he will cancel his holiday.

He likewise provided a spoken and written apology to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for remarks he made.

The Express had reported then that Griffith was blocked from continuing on getaway and that a directive went to the Minister of National Security that it was “not suitable offered what is occurring in the La Horquetta matter and the TTPS (Trinidad and Tobago Cops Service) and the requirement to handle this scenario, it is not suitable for the Commissioner to proceed on leave out of the country at this time”.

The cops raid in La Horquetta in furtherance of the examinations in the $22 million Drugs Sou affair, revealed video pictures of a member of the Special Operations Action Group (SORT) packing a bundle into his clothing.

On October 2 Griffith, at a press conference, mentioned that he had actually cancelled his vacation, including that “it may not be the correct time for me to go on trip”.

” Because of today situation that is ongoing as it relates to a very major investigation that may include senior officers in the TTPS and the TTDF, it may not be the correct time for me to go on trip,” he said.

TTPS guidelines 83:2 states: “Vacation leave when it comes to the Commissioner of Deputy Commissioner will need the approval of the Minister”.

Under this guideline, by letter outdated September 25 to National Security Minister Stuart Young, Griffith had gotten 21 days vacation from October 2 to November 1, 2020.

The Prime Minister had made a problem against Griffith which is currently before the Police Service Commission (PolSC).

It includes comments made by Griffith in action to remarks made by Rowley.

Rowley had during a Ministry of Health COVID-19 press conference, said that it can not be a case of different strokes for various folks, and that he expects “severe and sustained law enforcement” with respect to the COVID-19 policies.

The two guys were at loggerheads over whether authorities might have stepped in on personal property in an upscale section of west Trinidad where the residents were said to be in breach of the COVID-19 regulations.

” He does not have a concern when we release 27 individuals who in fact broke the law in Sea Lots [a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of the capital], swimming in a public place, escaping and attempting to avert cops captivity, that shows hypocrisy, that is not democracy,” Griffith said at the time.

In his apology, Griffith stated while he still stands by the spirit of his comments, he acknowledged that his delivery was unsavoury.

” Despite the fact that the message was accurate, how the message tackled ended up being lost due to the fact that of how I said it. It came from my strong degree of passion, however again that is no reason, it was entirely undesirable. I apologise to the country for the remarks that I made,” he stated.

The Commissioner said that despite looking for to guarantee that the civil liberties of citizens were supported, he comprehends that his comments were improper.

There was also contention with regard to Workplace of the Prime Minister utilizing the word “summoned” to suggest that Rowley held a meeting with Griffith and other police authorities.

Griffith took umbrage to using the word “summoned” in the main release from the Workplace of the Prime Minister.

Griffith instantly issued his own release, denying that he was “summoned”.

He doubled down on his positions on September 15 in another interview stating, “This is not a plantation” and “Massa Day done”, as he repeated that no political leader could summon him.

He asserted his right to clarify the “mistaken beliefs” created by the Prime Minister’s statement and argued that he (Griffith) would not be “bullied, pushed and pressured”.

At the meeting at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s the Prime Minister had informed Griffith that he prepared to file a problem versus him with the PolSC.

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