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C ue the cliches about the “Hayne Airplane” crash landing. About lofty heights and rarified air and falls from grace. Jarryd Hayne has actually been lots of things over the past 15 years and now he is a convicted bad guy, guilty of 2 counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

Long gone are the days when Hayne was an enigmatic specimen many fans did not comprehend, however all wished to copy. A Hillsong celeb who in 2016 partied with a supposed Hells Angels bikie and, simply as he had actually finished Snapchatting his “cash money fam, cash money, give me a fucking cigarette” video, fell victim to a pornography mishap at a high school

He initially went far for himself as a western Sydney housing commission kid so coolly skilled with a ball that Parramatta coach Jason Taylor played him at 18.

That was 2006, and his 17 tries in 16 video games were the difference between the Eels missing out on the finals and making them. State of Origin and Test call-ups immediately followed, and then a $2m agreement extension in 2008.

The rest is history– and now it really is. For on Monday, when the now 33- year-old was found guilty, much of what came before unexpectedly felt more comparable to a cautionary tale than an accomplishment.

In reality, Hayne’s downfall was well underway by the time he quit the NFL to play rugby sevens, only to return to the NRL and conclude his career with a whimper.

His NRL longevity was disrupted by “dreams” that turned out to be brief side-projects that had already stained a tradition of radiance before a Newcastle lady reported him to police.

With the San Francisco 49 ers, he made it big and did it fast. A pre-season debut consisted of a 53- backyard run with his 2nd touch of the ball. Colin Kaepernick called him “an incredible professional athlete”.

Media outlets battling with the industry-wide financial squeeze found factor enough to send reporters to the states to document at close quarters the rise and increase of a homegrown hero making it where Australians– and many Americans– fail.

Ultimately, he could not live up to the hype. He made the 53- guy last roster in September 2015 and was dropped the following month after fumbling a punt return. He managed to be re-promoted, only to retire from the sport after 14 months.

The reason? To audition for Fiji’s rugby 7s side. Hayne played 5 video games at the London Sevens at Twickenham in May2016 He was not a part of the team that won Olympic gold in Rio some three months later.

So back to Australia he came. Having actually promised Eels fans any NRL return would be to them, he signed with the Gold Coast Titans for a wage befitting the glitter strip. There was ultimately a blue-and-gold homecoming with 15 semi-stirring appearances.

To this day, Hayne is on all the NRL’s emphasize reels. He actually is that man. As it turns out, he is also the other man, the one epitomising the unpalatable stereotype of males’s rugby league as a cesspool of misogyny.

As ever, stereotypes are rarely all-encompassing phenomena, and there was a time he did not fit this particular costs. His 2009 season– a return to form at fullback including 6 straight man-of-the-match awards– stays one of the most excellent private stretches in the game to date.

That same year he was courted for countless dollars by AFL clubs craving his all-too-rare combination of speed, power and that less tangible quality of on-field charisma.

In late August 2019, a years almost to the day after prime minister Kevin Rudd provided Hayne with the 2009 Dally M medal (the first of 2), Hayne settled a United States civil case in which it was alleged he had actually sexually assaulted a lady in California in 2015.

Authorities failed to gather enough proof to continue with criminal charges but the female sued the footballer in the US district court for sexual battery, battery, gender violence, intentional infliction of psychological distress and carelessness.

Hayne “unquestionably and vehemently” rejected the allegations through his lawyers in Sydney however ultimately settled out of court for a concealed “equally agreeable” quantity. Already, in mid-2019, he had currently been charged with 2 supposed counts of rape of a female on her bed.

On the nose since charges were laid in 2018, court dates have been the only current public fixtures on Hayne’s calendar.

In November 2020 there was the first trial, at which the 26- year-old victim affirmed he had actually sexually assaulted her on her bed in Newcastle with his hands and mouth and left her bleeding from the genitals. Then the jury was discharged, having stopped working to reach an unanimous or bulk decision after 2 days of deliberations.

A new jury found Hayne guilty on Monday after a retrial in March with sentencing set down for early May. The judge said a jail term was “inevitable”.

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