Dubliners encouraged to disrobe for Disclothed photo project


If it was tastefully, even artfully done, would you be prepared to undress for all and sundry?

‘NAKEDNESS has nothing to do with clothes’ reads the tagline of a new photography project, steadily tiptoeing its way towards popularity and exposing its modesty in a graceful manner on the internet.

Aimed at getting people to shed their inhibitions as well as their clothing is Fully Disclothed, an online photo diary recently launched by Canadian Kale Ridsdale.

Decidely more revealing than any other common-or-garden expo, willing participants are encouraged to engage in an everyday pastime – perhaps cooking, playing sport, or sewing. Only there is one subtle difference: they’ll be eschewing the norm and baring all in front of photographer Kate Murphy for a three picture piece.

Ms Ridsdale emphasises that the idea is not about the promotion of nudity, but rather seeing photography as another way in which to better understand individuals.

‘It’s a metaphor for exposing yourself as person and an opportunity to put yourself out there,’ she said.

‘Some people are happy to jump right in, whereas others have to take more time over the decision.’

In an an effort to fully document the experience, participants are asked to take a few days to write about the snapshots. They provide interesting insights into their lives, not to mention thoughtful notes on the completely natural yet often unvoiced activity of taking ones clothes off.

Already the project has gained a lot of momentum in Canada, even branching out for a specially curated exhibition at a Toronto university.

So are the Irish more reluctant to get into the nip?

‘I had heard that people might be more conservative over here but that doesn’t seem to have been the case,’ Ridsdale admits.

‘Maybe it is too early to tell.’

For your chance to further discover the human form and perhaps even uncover yourself, Fully Disclothed is inviting Dubliners to log on to http://www.fullydisclothed.com/.

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