COVID-19: Ireland '' has one possibility ' to get air travel best

The head of the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has stated Ireland has ‘one possibility to get it right’ in relation to air travel and COVID-19

Pat Dawson told The Hard Shoulder travel will need to open to keep the economy going.

He also said that air bridges – travel arrangements in between states that have low transmission rates – is the best option going forward.

” I believe the air bridges is the very best service so far.

” How that works is that the airports, aircraft and nations that are nominated – that they have only when opportunity to get this.

” Like our country, we’ve one opportunity to get it right as such.

” They need to make sure that whatever’s in order for individuals decreasing there.

” And you just pick the countries with like-minded cases.

” The problem, Ivan, exists is no bar set … as we’re hearing from Europe, they’re backtracking to the last 14 days, taking approximately that and after that selecting the nations.

” There’s no clear requirements whatsoever.”

On the 14- day quarantine for incoming guests, he said: “There is a restriction inbound and outbound – when you have a quarantine, it’s as good as [a ban].

” No one’s going to come to Ireland and quarantine for 14 days as such if they’re coming here to do company, which many wish to, or if they’re coming here on holidays.

” And the very same thing with the outgoing situation”.

” We need to take little dangers, or our nation will be dead and buried for the next three or four years and we’ll never ever, never ever recuperate financially.

On prospective air bridges with Ireland, he stated: “There’s no criteria, Ivan, set that you’re in or you’re out.

” So we require explanation from the Federal government regarding where they set the bar.”

” Definitely the U.S.A. remains in bad trouble as we speak, the UK – England in particular – I think Scotland’s fine, I think Wales seems to be great and Spain appears to be OKAY.

” But there needs to be the specialists to state ‘we have a bar, we have actually set the bar up and you certify and you don’t certify’.

” And it’s the expert individuals, the medical people and the Government decide on that”.

COVID-19: Ireland ‘has one chance’ to get flight right

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A list of countries Irish people can take a trip to without quarantining is set to be released quickly.

Nevertheless Health Minister Stephen Donnelly stated earlier he might not guarantee the list would be in place by July 9th.

” 2 weeks ago, you might have taken a look at Portugal and said Portugal has a very low rate of COVID,” he said.

” It has been regularly low so that is an apparent country to put on a green list– however just in the last few days, Portugal has actually seen a big surge,” he stated.

” There are countries like Sweden and the UK, or not so much the UK but the island of Britain, where the rates are significantly higher than ours so there is a great deal of information that would require to be overcome on this.

” You could have a situation where ‘nation X’ was put on a list, individuals in good faith went to work or holiday in ‘country X’ and while they were there, we would need to say, ‘really it is no longer on the list and individuals would have to come home and self-isolate.'”

He also stated no decision has actually been made regarding whether Britain will be included on the list.

The European Union has actually embraced a recommendation on the steady lifting of the momentary restrictions on non-essential travel.

This consists of allowing people in from so-called third countries – such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The United States, Brazil and Russia are not consisted of on this list.

However the list does not use to Ireland, as it is not a member of the Schengen Area.

Main image: Visitors wearing a face masks take a look at a display board at Munich Airport in Germany that notes many global destinations. Image by: Matthias Balk/DPA/PA Images

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