Coventry Houses’ Oilers Fan Cave 2020 is a breakaway hit

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Oct 16, 2020 4 minute read

Dan Bagan in addition to better half Wendy Bagan pose for an image inside the basement of their Coventry constructed Uplands house located at 2636 198 street in Woodhaven in Edmonton, Alberta Tuesday, September 22/20 Photo by Walter Tychnowicz/Wiresharp Photography ) Image by Walter Tychnowicz/ Postmedia

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Can’t or won’t go to Rogers Place to see an Oilers game live should the opportunity occur throughout these pandemic times? Well, one local home builder has the next best hockey thing.

Coventry Houses has unveiled its newest Edmonton Oilers fan cave, and while the Oilers aren’t playing now this would be the location to be when they get back on the ice.

Their brand-new Nysa reveal home in Cy Becker in northeast Edmonton– an eye-catcher in its own right with an open up to above main flooring, a sensational white kitchen area with sleek flat panel cabinetry (no manages), and a main-floor arts and crafts space sectioned off by a strikingly modern barn door– would rate as a first-star choice on most game nights.

However head downstairs into the completed basement and this most current fan cavern– No. 6 for Coventry, the preferred builder of the Edmonton Oilers– may push the rest of the home from its top spot.

The Oilers Fan Cave 2020, by Coventry Homes. Image by Supplied/ Postmedia

Beginning with the seating, you nearly seem like you’re in an arena and not a basement in a house. These are Oilers stadium seats– nine of them in navy blue, and divided over two tiered levels– framed by a large black and white mural of Oiler fans in full cheer mode. Once you’re in your game-day seat, you look straight on to a large-screen television mounted in a facsimile of a centre-ice clock/scoreboard.

Nearby to the stadium seating is a bar area and banquette seating, with another large-screen tv, this one centred in-between a pair of goal lights. Include red brick walls, symbolizing the copper in the Oilers copper and blue colour scheme, and this space takes on both an arena and club feel.

There’s a separate lounge space for more relaxed video game watching, with yet another tv, and a bathroom done up in, of course, Oilers colours, which consists of an Oilers’ themed shower drape somewhat similar to a team jersey.

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” This fan cave is a homage to the ’80 s Oilers,” said Robin Nasserdeen, director of sales for Coventry Homes. ” This year, more than ever, a lot of people are feeling confined in their homes. But this fan cave offers you that mental break. It has that wow element. It’s a step away from the day-to-day however you’re still in the comfort of your own house.”

Coventry just develops fan collapse its new homes, providing this way of life package alternative to interested purchasers.

House Ice Benefit

It’s something to go to a Coventry Oilers’ fan cavern however what’s it like to in fact reside in one?

” It’s funny, we have actually been going for long strolls all around our neighbourhood and when people find out we’re in this house, they go, ‘I went through your house,'” said Dan Bagan, who with his partner Wendy recently purchased the fan cave show house in Uplands at Riverview. “We have actually had more people go through our home considering that it’s been a show home than we’ll ever have in our lifetime!”

This was the 3rd Oilers fan cavern Coventry has created.

” We were particularly searching for a program home or at least something similar that we truly felt we could fall in love with,” said Dan. However when they first were pitched the possibility of buying a house with a fan cavern, the couple believed that it was a stretch despite the fact that Dan is an Oilers fan dating back to the team’s glory days.

They moved from a cattle ranch north of St. Albert, feeling it was time to come back to the city. Particularly taken with Coventry’s houses and with this anticipated to be their last major house purchase, they desired it to be truly special.

Wendy, who was surprised she at first didn’t hate the fan cavern, went to liking it within a week. For Dan, who fell for the house even prior to they saw the finished basement fan cavern, he stated he heard the “Oilers’ angels sing” when he initially saw it.

” My greatest desire and my biggest dream is, because I have this big mural with Wayne Gretzky, is if Wayne might stop by some time if he’s ever in town and sign this mural,” said Dan. ” I might then simply to go heaven and say, ‘ Dad, I’m here because I have Wayne Gretzky’s sign on my wall.'”

Check It Out

The latest Oiler fan cave is open for seeing at 17143 46 th St., with COVID-19 seeing protocols in location.

The neighborhood, named after Albertan bush pilot Cy Becker, is a master-planned advancement from Qualico Neighborhoods that is proving popular with purchasers, stated Nasserdeen.

” What people actually like about Cy Becker is that it has become a community,” he said. “They like the parks, the spray parks, the green areas, the close proximity to the Anthony Henday, and the amenities, the schools, and the nearby shopping locations.”

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