Kendall Jenner is the best paid model in the world 2017

Forbes magazine takes a turn and gives Kendall Jenner the number one spot in the ranking of the best-paid models of 2017. Kendall Jenner is the best-paid model in the world in 2017, the profits of the top model totaling 22 million dollars this year, according to Forbes magazine. Kendall Jenner: The best-paid model of […]

May wants everyone to pay their taxes, after scandal involving the queen

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday she wants “everyone to pay her taxes,” after an international investigation revealed several names of politicians and celebrities who have assets in tax havens, including Queen Elizabeth II. The conservative leader said his government works “to improve transparency” in tax havens – many of which are overseas […]

Gavin O’Connor will write and direct “Suicide Squad 2”

American Gavin O’Connor will be in charge of writing and directing “Suicide Squad 2,” the sequel to the anti-hero movie that Warner Bros. and DC Comics released last year. O’Connor was chosen after a long selection process in which appeared names like Mel Gibson and Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra. It is expected that “Suicide Squad 2” […]

The Warriors of Durant, NBA champions

The forward, with 39 points, led the winning attack against the Cavaliers and became the MVP The forward Kevin Durant with 39 points led the Golden State Warriors’ winning and balanced attack that took 129-120 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the fifth game of the NBA Finals and proclaimed themselves new champions. The Warriors won 4-1 […]

Crash landing for prison drugs drone

PRISON officers have thwarted a sophisticated attempt to smuggle drugs on a remote controlled helicopter into one of Ireland’s largest prisons. The drone – known as a quadcopter and valued by authorities at around €2,000 – crash landed into an exercise yard within Wheatfield Prison in west Dublin. A package containing suspected drugs was attached […]

Jet diverts as crew fall ill from fumes

A TRANSATLANTIC aircraft diverted to Dublin Airport on Sunday after three flight attendants were overcome by fumes and left ‘partially incapacitated.’ The US Airways flight was en route from Venice in Italy to Philadelphia in the US when the pilot contacted air traffic controllers. It was the second time this month that flight AWE-715 was […] Protection Status