Get extra income thanks to Amazon Mechanical Turk

In this blog we have talked about the amazon affiliate program , the Kdp platform   or the famous createspace tool    , all of them dedicated to monetize our different creations whether they are web content or our publications taken to physical books or in e-book format To the set of tools that Amazon puts at our disposal to help us monetize […]

May wants everyone to pay their taxes, after scandal involving the queen

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday she wants “everyone to pay her taxes,” after an international investigation revealed several names of politicians and celebrities who have assets in tax havens, including Queen Elizabeth II. The conservative leader said his government works “to improve transparency” in tax havens – many of which are overseas […]

The pros and more pros of canvas prints as wall art

You’ve captured that perfect sunset – or your kids have all sat together for once – and you want to blow it up and make it a feature in your home. Do you go for a framed or canvas print for your masterpiece? One thing to set straight from the offset is that modern day […]

How to shop safely online? – guide informed consumer

I think we all love to buy on-line. Save time and nerves, a huge choice, convenience of access to literally everything within mouse clicks, avoiding queues and crowds shop – but if online shopping only have advantages? In recent years, literally before our eyes we have made a real revolution in consumer commerce. As research […]

Crash landing for prison drugs drone

PRISON officers have thwarted a sophisticated attempt to smuggle drugs on a remote controlled helicopter into one of Ireland’s largest prisons. The drone – known as a quadcopter and valued by authorities at around €2,000 – crash landed into an exercise yard within Wheatfield Prison in west Dublin. A package containing suspected drugs was attached […]

The ultimate 8 small things that make us happy

WE don’t need a Lotto win to be happy. We’re flipping delira to get a nice smile, or a freshly-baked croissant, actually. Here are the ultimate little things that make us happy. 1. Getting too much change. Whether it’s someone accidentally giving you back an extra fifty cent, a couple of coins left in the […]

Hennessy Portrait competition throws up some startling gems

BLEAK, beautiful and soul-baring – these are the works that have made it to the final stage of a major portrait competition – and they’re really something special. Hennessy and the National Gallery of Ireland yesterday revealed the 12-artist-long shortlist for this year’s Hennessy Portrait Prize. The finalists, decided upon by an esteemed panel of […]

Dublin ‘number one destination’ for tourists

DUBLIN remains the top destination to visit in the Republic of Ireland, with a 60 per cent increase in summer holiday bookings, new data has revealed. Travel agency Expedia, who compiled the results, took sample data from their search bar engine – it shows a general increase in tourism for the entire country. Andy Washington, […]

Dubliners encouraged to disrobe for Disclothed photo project

  If it was tastefully, even artfully done, would you be prepared to undress for all and sundry? ‘NAKEDNESS has nothing to do with clothes’ reads the tagline of a new photography project, steadily tiptoeing its way towards popularity and exposing its modesty in a graceful manner on the internet. Aimed at getting people to […]

Bride claimed she had cancer to con friends out of cash

She got a reduced deal on her wedding dress and reception venue after saying she wanted to tie the knot before chemotherapy made her hair fall out. But rather than having ‘late-stage cervical cancer’ – as she claimed – the 24-year-old had merely undergone keyhole surgery to check for ovarian polyps. She aroused suspicion by […] Protection Status