Over 80 per cent want another series of Love/Hate

A SURVEY carried out by independent research firm iReach Insights has found that more than 80 per cent of us would like to see another series of Love/Hate. More men than women want to see Nidgey and the lads back. Only 76 per cent of women surveyed want to see the series return compared to […]

Interview: Channing Tatum – yes he is that buff in real life

The Magic Mike star tells Jane Mulkerrins about fatherhood, wrestling, stripping… and Mexican puppets ‘Animated movies are like vacations for actors,’ Channing Tatum says with refreshing honesty. ‘I got to show up in my sweatpants every day. Zoe [Saldana, his co-star] jokes that she didn’t even brush her teeth. And there are no wrong lines. […]

The blaming of the shrew

THEY come over here and they… compete with our indigenous rodent species. Bloody furriners. The River Shannon might be the only thing to tame the march of a recently discovered shrew threatening to make one of its closest relatives extinct. Invasive miniature mammal the greater white-toothed shrew – three times the size of its rival, […]