Cam Newton’s attire, graded by a style expert and a style moron

This might be a little bit of an uncommon NFL season, but there stays an ever-reliable constant: Cam Newton’s progressive fashion. Newton may have moved from Carolina to New England, but he’s bringing his major sense of design to Foxboro and turning heads.

We should, nay must, grade Newton’s looks with an important eye. Everyone has fashion wins and missteps, and so we require to designate a subjective numerical ratings to them in order to feel a little bit better about our inability to manage $5,000 loafers.

There’s simply one problem: I’m a fashion idiot. I have actually been wearing vintage tees, flip flops and denims because March which isn’t changing at any time quickly. Thankfully, I do understand somebody who depends on date on designs and patterns. Rebecca Jennings writes for The Goods over at Vox, where she follows style and customer trends. This season Rebecca (an expert) and I (an idiot) will review each of Newton‘s signature looks.

Week 1

Rebecca, style specialist:

Camera’s cute lil’ loafers took the words right out of my mouth: BAM! This is mid-century supervillain, and I do not hate it as much as I ‘d hate it on any person else. The double-breasted blazer, fedora, and bow tie are obviously very old-fashioned, but the shocking yellow makes it seem like a contemporary dandy– which naturally, is precisely who Cam is. I’m into this! He needs a much better water bottle though.

James, style idiot:

As a husky gentleman I can never ever pull off yellow. I want I could, however I feel like I always appear like a school bus, or at finest Big Bird when I attempt to pull it off. Web cam absolutely makes this work. I’m not a big fan of the loafers. I know it’s most likely extremely hip, but it provides me a lot of “Emeril satisfies an airbrush painter at the boardwalk” kinda thing.

Truthfully, Rebecca strikes the nail on the head here– but I have to disagree with the water bottle. As somebody who is constantly on the appearance for a good bottle, this looks like an exceptional bespoke beverage receptacle.

Week 2

Rebecca, fashion professional:

This is fine, but way more on the dull end on the Cam Newton kookiness spectrum. Like yes, I get that he is going for 1920’s gangster (and the mask truly provides it a bit of a Western ambiance), however we have seen this appearance from actually every male celeb who has actually ever existed. He needs an iron.

James, fashion moron:

I can’t stop staring at the cuffs of this shirt. They’re most likely French cuffs, so I expect them to be a little bit longer– but thinking about Web cam’s arm length I have to imagine these cuffs would go midway up my forearm. The match is boring, however I simulate the addition of the pocket watch. It’s easily the least useful way to attempt and inform time in 2020, however it’s elegant which’s all that matters. His sneakers look like foot denims. This truly evokes no emotion for me.

Week 3

Rebecca, fashion specialist:

I sense a style taking place in Web cam’s early-season looks, which style is somewhere in between Italian mobster and barber store quartet. Points for the matching infant blue fedora, however it would’ve been much more stylish if he ‘d used trousers in the very same color. The khaki next to the pastel is a little too “my daddy’s an attorney,” if you understand what I indicate.

James, style idiot:

This outfit seems to be attempting to do like 20 things at the exact same time. It’s part Kentucky Derby, part boat party, a healthy mix of old-timey soda jerk, with a scattering of mobster– simply for good measure.

Web cam is wonderful without needing to put this much work into the look.

Week 4

Note: Web cam Newton missed his Week 4 game due to contracting Covid, but the good news is he posted a photo on his Facebook page, which still enabled us to review his style.

Rebecca, fashion professional:

I hate to state it, however Covid looks excellent on Cam Newton. Webcam, enough with the Italian mobster vibes and more ’90 s fashion skateboarder sweetheart please!

James, style idiot:

I constantly like when Web cam rocks the head headscarf, but particularly this week. Congratulations to Cam for rocking it well.

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