Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever Has A Tune For Each Mood

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The title of Billie Eilish‘s sophomore album Happier Than Ever is a misnomer: There are couple of pleasant tracks to be found.

Instead, the 19- year-old vocalist shows greatly on her own trauma as a young lady whose profession all of a sudden took off, bringing her– and all of her youthful growing discomforts– into the spotlight.

” When you’re happier than ever, that doesn’t imply you’re the happiest that anybody’s ever been. It indicates you’re happier than you were before,” Eilish remembered to the magazine, detailing the subtlety to her album title.

Though the album is in large part Eilish’s reckoning with her celeb, she manages to make it relatable by checking out universal sensations of heartbreak and seclusion.

  1. ” Getting Older”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like assessing life

    Secret lyric: “I’m gettin’ older, I believe I’m agin’ well/ I want someone had told me I ‘d be doin’ this by myself”

    Eilish opens the album with artificial aspects, reflecting just how much she has grown throughout her life and ending up being famous as a teen. She has a lot of reasons to be appreciative and grateful, however it can be bittersweet when it concerns facing online giant and continuous scrutiny: “However it’s different when a complete stranger’s always waitin’ at your door/ Which is paradoxical ’cause the strangers seem to want me more/ Than anyone before.” Billie brings a truthful take to her experience in the music industry, even when it is painful.

  2. ” I Didn’t Modification My Number”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: in need of distance from an ex

    Secret lyric: “I only changed who I respond to”

    In this soulful R&B track, Eilish doesn’t want to speak to an ex anymore, refusing to respond to their texts. “You got a lot of fuckin’ nerve,” she sings, though she has no sympathy left. Eilish holds some guilt for not listening to her youth good friends that this love interest was bad news. The song concludes with distorted synths, which seem to indicate the relationship disintegrating.

  3. ” Billie Bossa Nova”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: flirty however cautious

    Secret lyric: “I’m not nostalgic/ But there’s somethin’ ’bout the way you look tonight”

    Eilish utilizes bossa nova sounds to craft a romantic atmosphere. She pines to be alone with an enthusiast while likewise trying to keep a low profile from journalism: “Some details’s not for sharing/ Usage different names at hotel check-ins.” Even while it’s just the two of them, Eilish worries her boo might inform the world about their relationship.

  4. ” My Future”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: ambitious

    Key lyric: “I’m in love/ With my future”

    Eilish reflects on her life in a tune that swells with electronic devices, though it transitions to a funkier groove when the hopeful second verse hits. “My Future” information her journey of self-discovery and grabbing higher heights: “And I, I remain in love/ But not with anyone else/ Just wan na learn more about myself.” Although she admits she has romantic feelings for someone, she knows it would be a distraction from her journey.

  5. ” Oxytocin”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: naughty

    Secret lyric: “‘Cause I like to do things God doesn’t authorize of if she saw us”

    The techno track’s title describes the hormonal agent that contributes in triggering love, lust, orgasms, and attachment. Eilish is actually feeling naughty tonight: “I wan na do bad things to you/ I wan na make you scream/ I wan na do bad things to you/ Don’t wan na treat you well.” If you’re at the club with your partner and sensation overwhelmed with desire, this is the perfect song to get your grind on.

  6. ” Goldwing”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: vulnerable

    Key lyric: “Go home, do not tell”

    Eilish starts with a chant: “He have actually concerned the bosom of his cherished/ Smiling on him, she beareth him to highest heav’ n.” The intro lyrics are derived from a 1907 Gustav Holst translation of choral hymns from a sacred Hindu text. The spiritual writing is leveraged for a discussion about how ladies are exploited in the market. Billie, as a gold-winged messenger, tries to alert and help susceptible ladies from harm. “You better keep your head down,” she sings. “They’re gon na tell you what you wan na hear/ Then they’re gon na disappear.”

  7. ” Lost Cause”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: disappointed by your crush

    Key lyric: “You weren’t even there that day/ I was waitin’ on you/ I wonder if you understood that day/ Was the final stroke for me and I knew”

    Eilish is upset that her love interest is inconsiderate of her. At first, she thought they were simply shy. “However maybe you simply had absolutely nothing on your mind/ Possibly you were thinkin’ ’bout yourself all the time,” Billie sings. It’s likewise a bit of a tell-off, suggesting this person is a negligent deadbeat: “I understand you believe you’re such an outlaw/ But you got no job.” In the end, she knows this relationship is a lost cause.

  8. ” Halley’s Comet”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: sick of remaining in love

    Key lyric: “I do not desire it/ And I do not wish to desire you”

    The tune begins as a piano ballad for Eilish to admit she can not stop considering someone she’s fallen for. “I’ve been enjoyed previously, but right now in this minute/ I feel increasingly more like I was madе for you,” she sings as the track consists of light synths and a thumping backbeat. She’s torn, and towards completion of the tune, the last verse distorts her voice to capture her complex ideas: “I’m being in my sibling’s room/ Haven’t oversleeped a week, or more, or 2/ I think I might havе fallen in love/ What am I to do?”

  9. ” Not My Obligation”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: over the body-shaming

    Key lyric: “Is my worth just on your perception?”

    If you followed Eilish’s Where Do We Go? World Tour, this may appear familiar. The audio is from a brief movie that was dispersed in March 2020 throughout her show in Orlando as an interlude. It is Eilish’s response to the reaction and body-shaming she has received throughout her career. “We make presumptions about people based upon their size/ We choose who they are/ We decide what they’re worth,” she sings.

  10. ” Overheated”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: overwhelmed by social media

    Key lyric: “I’m overheated, can’t be defeated/ Can’t be erased, can’t un-relievе it”

    Eilish discusses how social media has felt overpowering during her rise to popularity. Everything she posts is scrutinized (” I started talkin’, they began laughin'”). When she goes outside, she is looked upon (” I started watchin’ them photographin’/ I do not really know how it took place”). Even if she deletes something, it’s still on the web forever because someone somewhere has actually seen and kept it on record. “Is it news? News to who?/ That I truly looked similar to the rest of you,” she sings.

  11. ” Everyone Passes Away”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: scared of being alone

    Key lyric: “I do not wan na weep, some days I do/ But not about you/ It’s simply a lot to think about”

    Eilish reviews the thought of death and how whatever concerns an end with dark synths that perfectly fit the environment. Generally, people fear dying because you lose somebody you love at the same time. In some cases, you might feel deserted. She even wonders about when it’s her time: “Everybody passes away/ And when will I?”

  12. ” Your Power”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like withstanding someone powerful

    Key lyric: “I thought that I was special/ You made me feel/ Like it was my fault, you were the devil”

    She also questions from time to time if abusers know what they do is wrong. It’s easy to desire answers and closure but in the end, however it’s much better to be self-aware of any hazardous habits and mindsets you have to prevent hurting others.

  13. ” NDA”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: defensive

    Secret lyric: “Yeah, I made him sign an NDA/ When was good enough/ ‘Cause I do not want him havin’ shit to state, oh-oh”

    Eilish’s struggles to have a private personal life and a romantic partner have in some cases been brought on by the creeps that watch her every move, so much so that she “had to save [her] cash for security.” Deep synth bass beats and plucky strings accompany the instrumentals to develop an eerie atmosphere. Since of the tension of fame, Eilish often has doubts about her profession: “30 under 30 for another year/ I can hardly go outside, I believe I hate it here.”

  14. ” For that reason I Am”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: sick of fake good friends’ bullshit

    Key lyric: “I’m not your pal/ Or anything, damn”

    As an outcome of her celeb, Eilish discusses feeling distrustful from time to time when making connections, fearing her pals might be utilizing her for influence.

  15. ” Happier Than Ever”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: upset and sad after a breakup, however better off than prior to

    Key lyric: “When I’m far from you/ I’m better than ever”

    If you listen carefully in the outro, you can hear guttural screams accompanying the riffs, so if you’re going through a rough separation, feel complimentary to rage along.

  16. ” Male Dream”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: sad

    Secret lyric: “Think it’s difficult to understand/ When no one else happens/ If I’m overcoming you/ Or simply pretending to/ Be alright, convince myself I dislike you”

    The album closes with a mournful acoustic ballad as Eilish tries to move on from a recent heartbreak, showing on what is real love and what is not. Eilish understands real love is more than just sex.

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