A cat weighing 12 kilos makes a furor on social networks

Samson, of the Maine Coon breed, weighs 12 kilos and measures 1.22 meters which have made him the largest cat in the world.

Can you imagine a cat of 12 kilos and that measures 122 centimeters? Well, it exists. How could it be otherwise is called Samson and right now causes a sensation in social networks. It is a 4-year-old Maine Coon feline, registered as the largest in the world. Despite its gigantism, its owner assures that it is a very sweet cat. Let’s meet him

Samson is the biggest cat in the world. It weighs 12 kilos and measures 1.22 meters. Some data that have made him become the sensation of social networks. It also has a beautiful story. Since its owner, Jonathan Zurbel adopted him since his brother was unable to take care of him for their work schedules.

The years went by until the man realized that it was not an ordinary cat: at 4 years old it weighs 12 kilograms and measures 1.2 meters long. Something that is not common in cats. The owner notes that it is not about being a fat or overweight cat, simply that it is very large, as is often the case with Maine Coon cats. Although the normal thing is to weigh up to 10 kilos. It catches our attention how it will be able to bathe it, sure that it follows some advice to bathe a cat.

The previous Guinness record for the world’s largest cat was Stewie, who died in 2013 and measured 1.22 meters in length. Now, however, Samson. What we do not know is if the owner can go on vacation and leave him alone. If this is your case, here we leave you some care.


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Like any other cat, Samson likes to lie down anywhere in the house and loves belly massages. In addition, every morning he wakes his owner to play a little before he goes to work.

If there is something that creates followers on the Internet, it is the cats, a studio says that it is the best friend of the human being, hence in his Instagram account, he has more than 170,000 followers, as well as Facebook and Twitter. How about? Would you like to have a cat like that?

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