60 Minutes Australia Airs Exposé Detailing Abuse Accusations, Celebrity Culture at Hillsong Church

Over the weekend, 60 minutes Australia released a significant exposé on Hillsong Church, clarifying several claims of sexual abuse and star culture seen throughout its churches worldwide.

The exposé, titled Hillsong Hell, included stories of 2 ladies who were supposedly victims of abuse from Hillsong personnel and members, The Roys Report reported.

One lady, Anna Crenshaw, shared her story of abuse, declaring that she was assaulted by Hillsong praise leader Jason Mays, a married man. In 2018, she reported the assault to Hillsong Church, where Might’s dad functions as the head of human resources.

Crenshaw, a former student at Hillsong College, declares that Hillsong promoted Mays instead of shooting him. In addition, Mays’ spouse was supposedly selected as Crenshaw’s leader.

Five months later, she told her dad, pastor Ed Crenshaw, who leads Success Church near Philadelphia, that Hillsong did not take immediate action against Mays. In turn, Pastor Crenshaw grumbled to Hillsong, leading the megachurch to finally report the attack to authorities.

” Whatever is fixated attempting to keep her story quiet for 5 months to attempt to obscure it, to try to lessen it, and to try to get Anna, I think, ultimately to drop it,” Crenshaw told 60 Minutes.

As The Christian Post reported in April of this year, Crenshaw cut ties with Hillsong last September when they put Mays “back onto [the] phase for singing.”

The second female, who went by the alias of “Katherine,” told 60 Minutes that she was raped by a fellow Hillsong member. Katherine, a previous youth leader at Hillsong’s Melbourne East school, reported the rape in 2018 to a Hillsong pastor, who refused to take action.

” That’s not for my ears to hear. You go sort that out with him (the wrongdoer),” the pastor stated, according to Katherine.

In 2019, Katherine left Hillsong Church and did not discuss the assault once again till after she heard Crenshaw’s story and published her account to social networks.

According to Crenshaw, it was only then that Hillsong would get in touch with Katherine and express interest in the assault. In 2021, three years after the attack happened, the global megachurch lastly reported the assault to the authorities.

” They do not care at all about the fact that I was attacked,” Katherine argued. “They just appreciate who I’m going to inform or what I’m going to do about it and how that will affect them.”

Boz Tchividjian, a lawyer and supporter for abuse survivors, also appeared on the 60 Minutes episode. In his sector, Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham, criticized Hillsong for consistently silencing or challenging abuse victims.

In action to Crenshaw’s claim that Hillsong mishandled her report of abuse, Tchividjian kept in mind that the church hired a law practice that explains itself as “the most feared law office on the planet.”

” What sex abuse survivor is going to feel comfy taking part in a procedure that’s led by a company that specifies itself in that method?” he asked.

Furthermore, Tchividjian slammed Hillsong’s embrace of star culture within the church.

” We have actually developed a star culture in the church,” he said. “Pastors have actually become rock stars. Pastors frequently live– in these huge churches– live much better than the majority of the people in their congregation. And you develop that culture within a church, that eventually leads to that pastor and those leaders becoming less and less accountable as those leaders end up being a growing number of insulated.”

In a declaration on Monday, Hillsong criticized the claims made on the 60 minutes exposé as “seamless gutter journalism at its finest.”

” Let us restate– Hillsong Church takes any claim of attack incredibly seriously, and we allocate significant resources so that all can attend our services and events in a safe environment,” it said.

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