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There is going to be war over this…

There is going to be war over this…

While I fully expected the Oh My God dramatic responses from the Coronation Street/EastEnders brigade to my letter last Friday, I must say it is shocking to read that some so called men feel the same way. When did we replace real men with sissies. It is not the law to give your seat to a pregnoid, therefore it is open for discussion and print. I am a father of three, and as myself and my wife were responsible for her pregnancy, I never felt it was anyone else’s duty to care for her comfort. That is all it is after all, a bit of comfort. I have a bit of a belly too, so yes I know only too well what it is like to stand with a few kilos in the front. Last week on the Dart, the guy sitting in front of me gave his seat to a pregnoid and did she even say thank you? No, she sat down and looked directly at me with a face on her that would stop a charging elephant. Manners, huh? It wouldn’t be me, pal, not a chance. And yes to all the questions, my mammy is very proud of me. Eric

Be honest, Metro Herald, you just publish that sh*** about pregnant women every six weeks to stir up trouble. Nobody pats themselves on the back like women growing a sprog in them. Do you know what’s harder than explaining to a pregnant woman they are not the centre of the universe and not everyone will notice their duffed-upness? Nothing, nothing is harder. Tony Romo, Dallas

How do they choose Punxatawney Phil? Is there some sort of Groundhog The Voice Of Ireland? According to your photo caption, the tradition’s been going for more than a century so surely it can’t be the same groundhog. Alain, Killiney

Why is everybody on the Mailbox page, women included, blaming Eric’s mum for not teaching him to give up his seat for pregnant women? What about Eric’s dad? Once again, a woman’s place is in the wrong. Mr Cranky, Dublin 7

Picture of a packed four-carriage Dart on Page 7! Oh wait it’s pilgrims in Bangladesh. Hard to tell the difference. SF

The charity mess is rather simple to solve. We, the people who pay for everything including those greedbags, withdraw all support. Cancel direct debit, walk by collections, the lot.  The charities that publicly state that wages have been capped at €50,000 win trust and support back from us. Greedbags can’t sue for breach of contract if contracts must change to save the business. The greedbags can choose to leave or stay at a lesser wage, legislation is put in place for immediate and complete transparency and everyone is happy. Bumpy ride for the honest ones in the business and possible losses for the people on the receiving end but, with greedbags gone, much more long-term profitability for the ones in actual need. Sorted. Yours sincerely, Human Lifeform

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C’MON, IRELAND! Gavin Ross sent us this picture of his daughter, Darcey, enjoying her first Six Nations game at the weekend

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They have some Nek

Media interviews with people on the recent tragic deaths of people, who tried to drink alcohol in a hurry as a joke, show a complete lack of any sense of awareness of where the responsibility lies. The internet chat sites cultivate our sense of entitlement to the level of the moronic. The advertising industry tells us to be self obsessed and self indulgent to the level of being brain dead. The soaps and the films tell us to be arrogant and intolerant towards one another to the level of extreme violence. The Minister for Education wants to leave it to the mass media to set our sense of values to the level of removing any teaching of the ethic of love of neighbour from the curriculum in our schools. The self-obsessed, self-indulgent, arrogant, intolerant sense of entitlement cultivated by mass media is the complete opposite to the ethic of love of neighbour which sustains our ability to live together within the constraints of the resources available on this planet. A Leavy, Sutton


Good On YaGood On Ya

The lads at @MetroHNews are fierce sound! Gonna skip my way to the odeon to see #CubanFury!@Delilah_cat

Good on ya to Geraldine in SuperValu HSQ. She’s friendliest person in the world (scientifically proven). She is so friendly that people actually go to her rather than the self-service checkout. Daragh


Yeh Big RideYeh Big Ride

To the petite blonde who gets the train from Skerries to Pearse, the owls on your bag and your smile make my mornings. Mark

Guy with the coffee I say hello to every day in Tara. Make yourself known. Girl with red hair